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Member App

The GymMaster Member App gives your members the ability to access the Member Portal via their smartphone or tablet.
Via the Member Portal they can view your timetable, book into classes and make bookings with your trainers, and update their personal information.

Customize App Widgets

Widgets are mini applications within the Member App, displaying various forms of information.
The widgets are displayed on the home page within the app, one after the other.

Enable Customization of Member App Widgets

  • Customize Member App option on Home / Dashboard screen can be enabled under Member Portal Configuration > General

  • Once enabled, your Customizate Member App option is located under Home > Customize Member App
    Scroll to bottom of screen

Enable Widgets

Widgets can be;

  • Enabled - will appear on Member App
  • Disabled - will not appear on Member App
  • Dragged/dropped - to select order they appear on Member App

Note that not all widgets are required


  • Enable this widget only when using member Awards
  • Widget will allow member to see most recent award
    • Link to see all past awards

Club Details

  • Widget will display Club Contact Details
    • Contact Number; icon to call
    • Club Email; icon to send email
    • Physical Location; icon to GoogleMaps
      Note that details added to Club Information for Member App will be added within the Club Details widget;

Ending Memberships

  • Membership widget will display memberships reaching their term
  • Widget allows members to renew their membership via the App
  • Note that membership renewal requires several settings to be enabled

My Upcoming Bookings

  • This widget will display upcoming bookings made by member
  • Displays both class and service bookings
    • Link to all future bookings
    • Button to Book Class - customize wording via Member Portal Configuration > Classes
    • Button to Book Service - customize wording via Member Portal Configuration > Bookings

Open Hours

  • This widget will display the clubs Open Hours
    • Displays todays hours
    • Link to see hours for upcoming week

Outstanding Balance

  • This widget will display only when needed
  • Outstanding balance - money owed which is overdue
    • Link to current account and past payments

Upcoming Classes

  • This widget displays the upcoming classes at Gym which are bookable online
  • Color selected within Bookings and Classes > Classes > Add Class is displayed here
    • Link shows all upcoming classes
    • Links to see classes further ahead

Visit Widgets

There are three widgets which offer member visit history in different formats.
Consider whether you wish to enable one, some or all of these widgets.

Visit Stats

  • This widget displays brief summary of;
    • All Visits since sign-up
    • All Awards since sign-up
    • Best Streak since sign-up - minimum 1 gym visit per week will start and maintain a streak
    • Current Streak - minimum 1 gym visit per week will start and maintain a streak
    • Share link to share stats with friends

Visit History

  • This widget provides a visual display of recent visits
    • Recent Visits - bookings and gym for current month
    • Link to daily visits for previous months
    • Link to bar graph displaying total visits per month over previous year
    • Share link to share stats with friends
  • Combines all past visit information to show visit trends:
    • When visit are occurring, throughout the day, each day

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