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Tailgating Detection System Installation

You will not incur any Tailgating module fees until after installation process is complete

It is recommended that a qualified electrician or security installer follows provided installation instructions carefully.
In case of any issues with the Tailgating Detection System, contact our Support team

Technical Tailgating Installation Guide

Installation Overview

Three are three main steps before the system is fully operational

Tailgating Installation

Step One

Before installing the cameras, please ensure there is a USB flash drive plugged in to one of the Gatekeeper USB ports. This will either be included with the Tailgating cameras or already connected to your Gatekeeper.

The cameras are to be installed in your entrance area of your facility, where members will enter after swiping their key fob. The positioning of the cameras directly affects the accuracy of your TG system, so it’s important you follow the installation instructions attached as closely as possible.

You can verify that the cameras are setup and functioning through GymMaster. Navigate to Settings > Door readers > [edit] the door the cameras are set up with, then click the [Check Cameras] button.

Note: Do not reconfigure the cameras' settings or IP addresses.

Tailgating Orientation

Step Two

In the next phase we verify the orientation of the cameras, and work with you to make any adjustments that may be necessary.

Once the cameras are in position you can view a snapshot by clicking the [Preview … Camera] button on the door’s settings page.

The cameras have two rotating components; the camera lens and the metal housing frame of the lens. Each component has a 355 degree range of motion. Between the two you should be able to view any angle in front of the camera lens. Check that the camera’s orientation is as follows, see attached samples.


  • Facing the floor, perpendicular
  • Entrance is parallel to the top or bottom of the camera view


  • Facing the door
  • Upright, so that the horizon runs parallel with the camera view

If the camera’s orientation doesn’t match the above guidelines they will need to be adjusted. Try making small adjustments then refreshing your camera preview, repeat as necessary. You will need a couple of things to be able to adjust the orientation of the cameras.

  • Access to the cameras, a ladder or similar should do.
  • The specialty Allen key provided with the cameras. This is required for removing the camera’s dome.

Let us know once the cameras are in position and orientated correctly. If you’d like to go over this with us then let us know which times suit and we can schedule a call.

Tailgating Calibration

Step Three

The final phase is handled on our side. We will collect sample footage of your members entering. We use this to calibrate the system for the variations in your environment and your members' behaviors. The factors we generally program for are lighting, camera height, and direction of member travel.

The Tailgating system starts recording after there is a check in on an active door reader. As such the calibration phase can only be started once your members have key-fobs assigned, and are using these to access the facility.

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