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GymMaster & Zoom: Bring Classes, Consultations & Trainer Appointments To Members At Home.

Wed, Apr 15, 2020   |   Tags : Uncategorized
gymmaster zoom livestreaming integration logos

If you have been on the internet or even watching the news recently, there’s a good chance you have heard of Zoom. Zoom is an enterprise video communications system currently helping millions of organizations around the world transition to home-based operations–and is now GymMaster’s most recent integration. Set up this integration to live stream fitness classes and events to a group of members, or conduct face-to-face meetings for personal trainer appointments or client consultations. Creating a video meeting on Zoom is super easy, all you need to do is create an account and share a link for the meeting when it’s time to join everyone clicks this link and you’re in! Over recent months, Zoom has skyrocketed in popularity. This can largely be attributed to the platform’s simple method for conducting and joining meetings, paired with the unique circumstances which COVID-19 has put people and businesses in through imposing social distancing rules. Zoom has become one of the key platforms to bring people together during COVID-19 whether it be for work purposes or helping family and friends keep in touch during isolation. Due to their spike in popularity during COVID-19, Zoom temporarily removed their 40-minute caps from meetings to allow people to communicate during the pandemic. Paired with their high 100 participant limit (or 500 with large meeting add-on), this opens up an opportunity for health and fitness clubs to utilize the enterprise video communications system to stream fitness classes to members from home.  

How Does The Integration Work?

The GymMaster integration allows you to automatically send upcoming class and service names through to Zoom, if these are marked as an online class or service, a Zoom meeting will also be created for members to join when the session is scheduled to begin. Please note, depending on your requirements this may require a paid Zoom account. When the member has booked-in for the class and the session is ready to begin, they can join through buttons made available on your class list, your gym member portal and links which can be added to confirmation emails through he “Member Coming Booking Zoom Join URL” insert field.An upcoming update will also see them being able to join via the GymMaster member app.

gymmaster zoom livestreaming integration join fitness class button
The meeting will automatically be created within 12 hours of your scheduled class, so you can share the link to participants via email or on your social media page.

Setting up the Integration

Getting this integration between Zoom and GymMaster set up for use is super simple. First you must open Zoom and login, then Click “Develop”, and then “Build App”.

gymmaster zoom livestreaming integration step 1 within zoom

Click the “Create” button in the “JWT” section. Enter in a name for this app.

gymmaster zoom livestreaming integration step 2 within zoom

Fill in your club’s name, as well as some contact details. Click “Continue”.

gymmaster zoom livestreaming integration step 3 within zoom
gymmaster zoom livestreaming integration step 4 within zoom

Open GymMaster in a New Tab and Click “Settings > Integrations” & Click “Get Started” under Zoom.

gymmaster zoom livestreaming integration step 5 within gymmaster
gymmaster zoom livestreaming integration step 5 within gymmaster

In Zoom: Copy the “API Key” & “API Secret” fields.

gymmaster zoom livestreaming integration step 6 within zoom api key copy

In GymMaster: Paste the API credentials into the appropriate fields.

gymmaster zoom livestreaming integration step 7 within gymmaster api key copy

That’s it! You should be all set up for using the GymMaster integration with Zoom. Click “Test Integration” to make sure the connection is live. For further detail, there is help text available at the top of the Zoom integration page in GymMaster  

Setting up bookings for Zoom.

Open GymMaster and click “Settings > Bookings & Classes” & click “Edit” on the class you want (or create a new one) Under “Online”, Click “Enable Online Streaming”

gymmaster zoom livestreaming integration step 8 setting up fitness classes for online streaming

Hosting the Zoom Stream

Open your GymMaster schedule. Click the class you are about to livestream.

Click “Start Livestream as Host” then follow the prompts in Zoom to begin.

gymmaster zoom livestreaming integration step 9 hosting fitness classes through online streaming

GymMaster has numerous other integrations which can help tie in your gym management system with the other platforms you use regularly and simplify your day-to-day. For more information on these check out our integrations page here.