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Prospecting with GymMaster - Best Practices to Get More Gym Members.

Dru Hill
Dru Hill
Published on Thu, Feb 20, 2020
prospecting in GymMaster

For any health or fitness club, improving the process of acquiring new members is paramount to achieving a solid membership base and ensuring the bills are covered. In this article, we will go over a few best practices for how you should be using the GymMaster gym management software in your prospecting process to convert more leads into active gym members at your club, both from the perspective of frontline staff and club management.

Front Line Staff

Lead Collection

The best practice for handling new prospects in your gym software depends on the channel in which the lead has been acquired through, whether it be online through your website, over the phone, via email / social media message or in person. If you are using a member portal installed into your gym’s website, the leads should be automatically inserted into GymMaster as prospects. However, leads collected through other means will have to be added to the system locally by a staff member. To do this, click “Add Member” and ensure the button is toggled to “Prospect”.

Prospect Creation Source

Steps to take in GymMaster

Website Sign-up / Enquiry

Send an immediate confirmation email letting them know a sales associate will reach out to them within 24 hours. GymMaster has an Enquiry Confirmation email template for this purpose. To enable this email, Click Settings > Member Portal > Communication > Enquiry Confirmation Email Template

In-person, Phone call or Message

Note their details, specifically pay attention to collecting their contact information (Email, phone number) and name and add them as a prospect within GymMaster.

Both prospects created online or locally can trigger an automated task for staff to call and follow-up. This can be set up as outlined below:

Settings > Task Setup > Prospect Contacted us > Phone Call

Initial Interactions.

There are four typical outcomes that may occur as a result of an interaction with a prospect. Each of these has their own best practices for how they should be handled:

Potential Outcomes of Interaction

How to handle in GymMaster

Not Interested

Click “Not Interested” in GymMaster at the top of the member page

Sale Closed

Add a membership to the prospect.

Schedule a Trial Class / Tour

Book the member into a Trial / Tour on your gym schedule. This will also allow for an automated follow-up task that will trigger the following day reminding you to call them. This can be configured by clicking: Settings > Task Setup > Prospect Toured > Phone Call Using the automated function to mark incomplete bookings as “no shows” the next day allows the use of a “Prospect Toured No Show” task to catch bookings that were incorrectly recorded or actual no shows for staff to follow up on.   Do this by clicking the following:  Settings, Task Setup, Prospect Toured: No Show. - Phone Call

Schedule a Follow-up Task

Sometimes it takes more than one interaction to close a sale, in these cases, it’s important to follow up with the prospect in a timely manner to keep things moving. To help with this, add an appropriate task to GymMaster - whether it be a second call task or follow up email. This will follow the same procedure as the above Settings > Task Setup > Prospect Contacted us > Phone Call If the prospect doesn’t respond to a few of your calls, some clubs assume that they are not interested and will mark them as such within GymMaster.

A two-week trigger based on “Prospect Contacted Us” (the initial date which the prospect was created) can be used in a reminder task to review the prospect’s profile and ensure all appropriate actions have been taken by staff to convert the lead into a member.

Club Management Staff

For the best results, club managers should be running three key GymMaster reports on a weekly basis to be getting the most out of their gym management software and keep in-tune with their sales funnel.

The reports below can be found by clicking: Report > Standard Report > Prospect > Report name

Report Name


Prospects Entered in Period

This can be used to see all current prospects who made their first contact during the given period. This enables you to see that your lead funnel is working correctly, what dates they were created on and other useful insights.

Prospects Finished

This highlights all prospects who have marked as “Not Interested” within the specified dates. Running this report gives insight into the quality of leads and why you might not be converting them to help improve your sales funnel.

Prospects Converted

Showing all prospects who have been converted to a member within the specified dates.

This can be used to see what’s working in your sales funnel. View this report and click into member profiles on the list to help gain a clearer picture of where you are gaining the most qualified leads, be sure to check communications tab and member notes (which should be filled in by frontline staff) to understand their journey.

Other reports which you also might find useful

Report Name


All Outstanding Task

This report highlights all incomplete tasks that started during the given period. Useful information to understand what tasks have been left untouched by staff and still need to be completed.

All Completed Task

This report shows a list of tasks that have been finished during the given period.