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The Power of Company Culture in Your Gym

Dru Hill
Dru Hill
Published on Tue, Aug 23, 2016

company culture
What is Company Culture?

Think of culture as the personality of your gym. It’s the experience that your members, potential members, and your staff have when they interact with your company. More specifically, it is your core values, beliefs and behaviors that define your club’s culture. And that has everything to do with the people in your organization.

Why is it so important for my gym?

Culture is created and developed whenever there is an interaction between people, and as a service-based company, every single impression counts. Being able to lead and nurture the natural formation of this culture in your gym is important when it comes to the impact on your member’s individual and group service experiences. The most important effect of a great culture in your gym? Member retention. Your members see everything. They see how your trainers interact with other members. They see how members interact with each other. They notice the trainers that love their jobs, and they pick up on the atmosphere and vibe in your club. Put simply, a great culture = happy members; and happy members = member retention.

How do I nurture a positive culture in my gym?

The three main groups of people to think about when to comes to culture in your club are: your members, your managers, and your staff. In our last blog post, we talked about the importance of hiring people who are committed to your business’ missions and values. These principles are defined by your customers, and led by your management team.  

Is your vision, value and mission statement compelling?

When you read your mission and value statements, what do you feel? Empowered, excited, ready to go out there and make certain that your members have the best possible experience in your club? If you don’t feel moved by your vision, values and mission statement, chances are your staff don’t either. Make sure they’re customer-oriented, taking into account your unique offering to your members. Does your brand align closely with your values? Doing so strengthens these principles, which in turn helps you and your trainers represent your brand’s values on a daily basis.  

Is your management team leading by example?

Every member of management should continually assess their behaviors, ensuring they are aligned to the business’s commitment to your vision. Your employees will follow; and your members will notice.  

Do your staff feel appreciated and involved?

Cogs in a machine feel used; whereas people who feel valued will value those that value them. Show your trainers and staff that they are trusted, essential to the success of the business, and valued.

  • Have regular office hours where you can let your employees approach you about anything. Whether they’ve got a concern or an idea, inviting them to share in confidence shows them that their input matters.
  • Keeping your staff in the loop with regular communication helps to engage your workplace community. Sharing your business goals and successes (such as budgets, targets and sales figures) can create a sense of ownership and pride among your staff.
  • Celebrating achievements, recognition of good deeds, and congratulating employees on good performance brings people together and encourages others to perform well too.
  • Do you offer your sales staff or trainers compensation for success? While people do respond to monetary rewards, it doesn’t always have to be financial. Think about offering opportunities for professional development, further responsibilities or promotions. Putting on celebratory meals, team drinks or having a day of team building (games, obstacle courses or even sports) shows your staff and trainers that you appreciate them. Plus it can be a lot of fun for you, too!


Do your members enjoy coming to your gym?

Members who develop friendships with other gym goers forge an emotional connection to your gym. That emotional bond brings increased happiness, more frequent visits, and a much higher chance of renewing their membership. Consider what you can do to make sure your members feel a sense of belonging in your club. The tactics that you can implement to create a great culture between your members are varied, so it’s a fun opportunity for you to get creative. Encouraging feedback from your members is an excellent way to learn what they like and what they want; as well as what you might need to change. You could do this through email, verbally, or through a feedback box. This information should be treated like gold - it’s a unique insight into your target market’s mind, and will help you to provide better services for your members. Keep in mind that some of the best people to ask about what your members want is your own trainers and front desk staff. The key is to be prepared to reinvest in your processes and behaviors with your members’ needs in mind. Remember that as a service provider, happy staff with customer-oriented behaviors will result in happy customers, and happy customers will result in a happier gym owner.