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5 Benefits of a Gym Scheduling Software

Tue, Jul 11, 2023  

If your gym offers PT, classes or specialised resources for members, there’s a good chance that gym scheduling is a big part of your daily rountine, that is, unless you utilize gym scheduling software. In this article we’ll dive into the 5 reasons gyms should invest in the best gym scheduling software helps them and their members get the most out of their bookings.

5 Reasons Why You Should Pick the Best Gym Scheduling Software

1. Easy Online Gym Bookings

Online booking is a great way to make your gym more convenient. Rather than phoning, visiting, or emailing the gym to book sessions, your members can do all this from the comfort of their home or office at any time of the day.

They can book personal training sessions, group classes, and recurring fitness class bookings through the software interface. Essentially, this increases your gym’s chances of garnering more bookings, which means more sales for you.

2. Automated Class Waitlists

The waitlist feature allows you to put your customers on a waitlist if there is no space available in a class. When a customer tries to book, they will automatically be added to this list and notified if a slot frees up to accommodate them. This feature helps manage your customers’ expectations while also ensuring that if members change their mind last minute and cancel, it doesn’t have the same impact on your bottom line.

When a member cancels or does not show up for their reserved spot, it makes sense to give another member that opportunity. It does not only allow other members to be happy they got their workout in, but also lets you earn more revenue.

3. Automatic Appointment Reminders and Booking Confirmation

This feature is one of the most important to consider when buying a scheduling software. It’s not just about having accurate data; it’s also about making sure that staff, trainers, and members don’t miss or forget an appointment. You and your members can get really busy, so this is a bulletproof way to avoid no-shows and last-minute cancellations from people who’ve forgotten.

The best gym scheduling software should have automated appointment reminders and booking confirmation features so that the staff can focus on the things that matter most to them—training clients and managing classes.

4. Integrated Gym Calendar

Gym scheduling software allows members to add all of their booked appointments in one place,usually from your gym website, member portal or gym member app. This is a huge time-saver since it means that instead of you having to keep everything in sync between your internal systems, staff schedule and website, it’s all in sync. It also means that as the class fills up members are able to see and you don’t have too many people turning up to a class than will fit.

5. Booking based memberships

The best gym scheduling system will be tied into your full gym management software solution, ideally including door access and integrated billing. Why this specific combination? Because it means that you can offer memberships with booking based benefits. For example, one membership can include 4x spin classes per week and as the member turns up for their class swiping their phone at the door to check in, not only does it check them into class (for accurate visitation tracking), but it also consumes one of their allocation of classes. A huge time saving for your admin staff, and also a fantastic way to offer tailored memberships to suit your specific busines and member requirements.


From automating your gym schedule to reducing cancellations and managing your clients more efficiently, there are many benefits to using a gym scheduling software.

Now that we’ve discussed the different benefits of having a gym scheduling software, it should be evident by now how much it can help your gym’s growth by promoting more bookings, customer satisfaction, and member retention. For a gym scheduling software that offers all the needs of your club, check this one out!