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GymMaster Gym Software Manual


Stock refers to the inventory of Products or items that your gym currently has available for sale.


Stock level is tracked by GymMaster, calculated based on;

  • Stock Purchases - from suppliers since last stocktake
  • Sales - since last stock take
    For maintaining accurate stock levels over time, we suggest conducting regular stocktakes.

To view stock inventory;

  • Go to Stock > View Stock
    View up to date stock level report displaying;
    • Sold since last Stocktake - All sales for that product since your most recent stocktake
    • Adjusted - Manual adjustments to stock can be made per product, via Products > Stock Movements > Manually Adjust.
      Not recommended to allow staff access to this feature
    • Purchased - Products received from suppliers into your stock since last stocktake
    • Quantity - Current stock as calculated by sales, purchases, adjustments and stocktakes
      Current Stock Level = Previous Stock Level + Stock Purchased - Stock Sold
    • Stock Value - Calculated based on stock purchase price and current stock volume

Report can be filtered by product name, club, product type and supplier.


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