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A service is used to set up one-on-one session designed to provide personalized attention, such as personal training, one-on-one yoga, or individual swim training.

Service Settings

Service Configuration is an important step before setting up your services for the first time.

  • Go to Bookings and Classes > Services to take you through to Service Settings
  • Carefully check both
    • Advanced Configuration and
    • Member Portal Configuration tabs
  • to ensure that the backend configuration matches the needs of your gym
  • Save

Add / Edit Service Categories

Categories allow you to divide your services into logical groups, making them easier to manage and report on.
For example, if you have multiple personal training session types you can use a ‘Personal Training’ category to assign personal training services to that category.

  • Go to Category List via side menu under Services
    • Click on the Add Service Category button on the top right corner of Category List page
    • Complete Details
      In example below, please note that only the selected Trainers are able to be booked for Personal Training sessions within this category. Selected Facilities (Octagon and Studio) can be booked
  • Save

If you decide to use the default category provided, it’s a good idea to edit it to make sure it suits your needs

Add Service

Once you have completed configuration and categories, you can begin to add your services to GymMaster

  • Click Add Service - located on the top right corner of the Services page
    • Enter Service Name and select the appropriate Service Category that it belongs to

    • Booking Length - set default length of your service, keeping in mind that the actual run-time of the service can be adjusted if needed when it is added to the schedule

    • Club List - based on Service Category settings

    • Allowed Resources - based on Service Category settings
      In example below, note the pre-selected Club List and Allowed Resources - these are based on selections made within the Service Category

    • Service is For - allow access / select price based on member type

      • Current Member - member who has an active contractual membership with the gym and has access to all facilities
      • Casual Member - individual without a long-term contract or regular recurring payments to your gym. They may use club/class visit packs or hold a charge-per-visit membership
      • Booking Pack - prepaid bundle of visits that members can purchase to access services at their discretion over a period of time
        In example below; Current Members may attend this service for free, when included in their benefits. If their benefits do not apply, the price for Members is $25. Casual Members can attend for $30.00 per booking. Booking Pack Holders can use their service allowance to book this service.
    • Enable Online Booking - allow members to book service through Member Portal

      • Open and Close Online Bookings - default is set within Service Configuration
      • Cancellation Mode - default is set within Service Configuration
      • Cancellation Charge Period - default is set within Service Configuration
      • Cancellation Fee - default is set within Service Configuration
    • Restrictions

      • Time Between Sessions - optional - establish a minimum interval between sessions for each member. For example, 7 days permits a member to book a maximum of one session per week
    • Commission rates - select flat rate or percentage rate per attendee

  • Save

Once a service has been created and saved it can be booked by members via the Schedule, Member Page or Member Portal, when enabled.

Bookings and Classes