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Timetabling of gym Classes and Services offered to Members, displaying availability of facilities and trainers for staff.


Be sure to Setup Trainers via Bookings and Classes, before scheduling your trainers

Make Time Available for Online Bookings

When you want to allow members to book personal training sessions online via the Member Portal, you can use the Make Time Available feature to indicate when your trainers are available to be booked online for for 1-1 sessions.

  • Left-click on time period you wish to make available
  • Select Make Time Available
    • Ensure date selection is correct
    • Select From/To time period to make available
    • Use Repeats function to set up recurring availability for this time period
  • Click Make Time Available to save

Available time for online bookings will be displayed as yellow.
Note that Make Available Time can be added outside of a Trainers rostered availability.