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GymMaster Gym Software Manual


Timetabling of gym Classes and Services offered to Members, displaying availability of facilities and trainers for staff.
Members can view the schedule to find out what classes are available and when they are offered, and may use GymMaster’s online booking system to book into class or service.

Adjust Scheduled Sessions

Adjust Time / Day / Location

  • Left-click-hold on session/meeting, move to drag booking to another time / day / facility / trainer
  • Release to drop to new location

Adjust Duration

  • Move mouse to bottom edge of session
  • When mouse pointer is on bottom line, icon will change to downward arrow
  • Left-click-hold to stretch session to new length
    • Stretch down to increase duration
    • Stretch upward (smaller) to decrease duration

Edit / Cancel

  • Click on session
  • Scroll down
  • Select Edit or Cancel

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Schedule Classes
Schedule Services
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