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GymMaster Gym Software Manual

Report and Till

Reports are organized collections of data presented in a structured format.
They offer valuable insights into different aspects of your gyms performance.

Debt Collection Report

The Debt Collection Report provides a detailed summary for all money owed by members, drawing on information gathered throughout GymMaster, including;

  • Member and ID
  • Membership Type and Membership Status
  • Owing
    • All Debtors - all members who own money, regardless of billing success (default)
    • Failed Billing - all members who owe money AND whose last billing attempt failed (select via View Filters)
  • Last payment - adjust range via View Filters
  • Last visit - adjust range via View Filters
  • Reason - if due to billing setup error view details under Member Details > Billing tab
  • Actions
    • Snooze - select length of time to ‘snooze’ member. Snoozed member will be removed from report until snooze has ended
    • SMS - click to send manual SMS to member
    • Email - click to send manual Email to member
    • Call - click to log date of call in Last Called column

Bulk Actions

To snooze all members, or to send a bulk message to all members;

  • Select box to left of ID
    • This will select all members
    • Deselect any members you want to exclude from the bulk action
  • Options will display
    • Snooze - Email All - SMS All

Select option required

Filter Debt Collection Report

Filters can be applied on main Debt Collection report page;

  • Club
  • Reason for billing error
  • Failing Billing / All Debtors

Additional filters can be applied via View Filters;

  • All Members / Current Members
  • Failing Billing / All Debtors -
  • Billing Settings
    • Billed Automatically
    • Not Billed Automatically
    • Never Billed
    • Pending Review
  • Last Visit period
  • Last Payment period
  • Snoozed / unsnoozed members