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Report and Till

Reports are organized collections of data presented in a structured format.
They offer valuable insights into different aspects of your gyms performance.

Trainer Commission

The Trainer Commission Report provides a detailed summary for all commissions, drawing on information gathered throughout GymMaster, including;

  • Booking Date and Start time
  • Session Price - full rate member is charged for attending session. Price is setup when creating your Services
  • Payment Status - whether service has been paid for by member
  • Commission - amount per service paid to trainer as commission
    • Commissions are enabled under Advanced Configuration > Bookings
    • Commission rate is set when creating your Classes and Services

Filter Trainer Commission Report

Report can be filtered by;

  • Date Range
  • Club
  • Any report details; see each column title for search bar / option selection

Report and Till

Staff Attendance
Debt Collection
Till Take
Key Performance Indicators

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