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Membership Types

Memberships are agreements between gym and your members, providing members access to your gym, services and classes in return for payment

Payment and Fees

Select how much and how regularly your members will pay for this membership.
Will additional fees, sign up fees, cancellation fees be associated with this membership?

Membership Fees and Payment Frequency

  • Select Bill Automatically for member credit card/bank account to be automatically billed per payment frequency
  • Select Payment Frequency for the membership plan (e.g., monthly, annually, every other week etc)
    • This determines how often a member is charged their Membership Fee
    • See glossary Payment Frequency
  • Define the Membership Fee, the amount a member pays per Payment Frequency to access the gym

In example below, members will be charged $30 automatically, every 2 weeks / fortnight, for the duration of their membership

Sign-up Fees

A sign-up fee is a one-time fee that is charged to new members when they join the gym.

  • This fee is charged in addition to the membership fee, and might cover the cost of providing an access card or key fob, printing membership materials, or conducting an initial fitness assessment

Cancellation Fees

Determine whether these will be charged upon early cancellation, and whether there is a fee for cancellation of membership

  • Charge Default Cancellation Fee - fee charged when membership cancelled by member in person
  • Additional Charge Fee for Early Cancellation - charged only if member cancels within defined period of time.
    • This will be charged additionally to the default cancellation fee

In example below, a default cancellation fee of $10 is set. If member cancels within first 4 months of their membership term an additional fee of $30 will be charged

Promotional Period

A promotional period is a specific period of time during which the gym offers a discount on a new membership

  • Promotion Price - select promotion price per payment frequency
  • Free Until - select no fee for selected period of time at beginning of membership

In example below, a promotional price of $15 has been set per payment frequency (eg every 2 weeks) for first 4 weeks of membership

Shared Membership

A Shared Membership is amembership plan that allows multiple people to use the same membership account.
This type of membership is often used for families, couples, or groups of friends who want to share a gym membership and split the cost,

In example below, 1 additional member can share this membership = this membership can be shared between 2 people, max, at an additional cost of $20 per payment frequency. This may be designed for a couple.

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