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Add Membership

Membership Types are the different types of Memberships the gym offers to its members.
Memberships can vary based on the level of access or benefits that are included with the membership, as well as duration or payment frequency of membership.

  • Go to Membership Types > Add Membership Type

Membership Details

  • Choose membership name that will appear to members to describe the membership
  • Select category membership will belong to and Club/s where it can be purchased and used
  • Define Membership Basis - the base structure and length of your membership. Options include;
    • Open Ended Contract - will continue until it is cancelled
    • Renewal Based Contract - will expire after the set length; can be renewed upon expiry
    • Preset Date Program - begins and ends on specified dates
    • Add-on Program – membership upgrade pack
    • Charge per Visit - charge member the set price each time they visit
    • Club Visit Pack – pre-paid set number of visits to gym
    • Class and Booking Pack – pre-paid set number of bookings to classes and/or services
    • Trial - short term membership trial for prospects, expires in selected number of days, cannot be renewed
      In example below, membership is Open Ended, with a 3 month minimum term; membership has no end date, member can cancel anytime after 3 month term is complete. No pre-requisite membership is required.

Payment and Fees

  • Select Bill Automatically for member credit card/bank account to be automatically billed per payment frequency
  • Select Payment Frequency for the membership plan (e.g., monthly, annually, every other week etc). This determines how often a member is charged their Membership Fee
  • Define the Membership Fee, the amount a member pays per Payment Frequency to access the gym
    In example below, members will be charged $30 automatically, every 2 weeks / fortnight, for the duration of their membership
  • ** Add Sign-up Fee** - one-time fee that is charged to new members when they join the gym. This fee is charged in addition to the membership fee, and might cover the cost of providing an access card or key fob, printing membership materials, or conducting an initial fitness assessment
  • Cancellation Fees - determine fee for cancellation of membership
    • Charge Default Cancellation Fee - fee charged when membership cancelled by member in person
    • Additional Charge Fee for Early Cancellation - charged only if member cancels within defined period of time. This will be charged additionally to the default cancellation fee
      In example below, a default cancellation fee of $10 is set. If member cancels within first 4 months of their membership term an additional fee of $30 will be charged
  • Promotional Period - specific period of time during which the gym offers a discount on a new membership
    • Promotion Price - select promotion price per payment frequency
    • Free Until - select no fee for selected period of time at beginning of membership
      In example below, a promotional price of $15 has been set per payment frequency (eg every 2 weeks) for first 4 weeks of membership
  • Shared Membership - membership plan that allows multiple people to use the same membership account. This type of membership is often used for families, couples, or groups of friends who want to share a gym membership and split the cost
    In example below, 1 additional member can share this membership = this membership can be shared between 2 people, max, at an additional cost of $20 per payment frequency. This may be designed for a couple.

Membership Benefits

Take your time to ensure this area is completed correctly.
Benefits are the perks and limits a gym may offer its members as part of their membership plan.

  • Before adding benefits, note that default benefits are applied to all new memberships;
    • Access to All Doors at the Memberships Club/s during Open Hours
    • Access to All Classes, no limits, for free
    • If these benefits are NOT required, use black edit or red delete icon on the right to adjust benefit

Add Benefits

  • Select the Add Benefits blue button
  • Customize access to each of the following, one at a time.
    • Consider the benefit profile you wish to offer members who purchase this membership
      • Classes - can a member attend classes on this membership? Specific classes or any class, including or excluding restricted classes? Free or for a set fee, or both?
        If you wish to offer 3 classes per week for free, then unlimited classes at a specified rate, create this as two benefits Once classes benefits are exhausted, price will revert to Current Member default price as selected when creating class
      • Services - can a member book services on this membership? Specific services or any service? Free or for a set fee, or both?
        If you wish to offer one service per week for free, then unlimited services at a specified rate, create this as two benefits
        Once service benefits are exhausted, price will revert to Current Member default price as selected when creating service
      • Physical Doors – which doors can this member have access to, and when? Can they access your gym 24/7, Open Hours, or during Off Peak hours only.
        If allowing access to multiple doors but NOT all doors, add each door as separate benefits.
        More info on Physical Door Access Benefits - Physical Door Benefits
      • Products – will members receive discounts on products? Discount can be set as a percentage or at purchase price

Sell Membership Online

  • To make membership available for sale online, select Enable Online Sign-Up
    • Use Fixed Period option when offering online purchase for a limited time period
    • Select Pay Later to allow members to complete sign-up process online without immediate payment
      • They will be required to pay for their membership on their first visit to the gym
    • Choose Allow Renewal Online to enable members to renew their membership easily online, valid for specific memberships only
      • If there is any change in the membership fee, you can set a new fee using the Renew Online Price feature

In example below, membership can be purchased online. It is available for new members only, and must be purchased within the month of December.
Payment can be deferred until member first arrives to gym in person.


  • Select Forms and Waivers to be attached to your membership
    • These may include;
      • Membership contract
      • Waivers
      • Questionnaires
      • Cancellation Agreement
  • Save

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