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Members generally refers to Current Members, but can also include Casual Members and Expired Members.
GymMaster provides tools and features to manage and engage with your members effectively.

All members and prospects who have been added to GymMaster - whether past or present - can be found using Find Member.

Find Member

  • Go to Find Member

  • Broad search

    • Everyone - search within all members
    • Current Members – includes within full active members. Will not include casual members
    • Expired Members - includes cancelled members
    • Recent Visitors
    • Prospects
  • Search for Member Directly

    • First Name
    • Surname
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • Membership Number

Current Members will appear in color, while Prospects and Casual Members will appear in greyscale.

Additional Member Search Filters

Drop-down filter menu located at the top right corner beside the Search button.
For example, you can filter by Club and Category;

This will find members within selected club, holding memberships within selected category only;