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Manage Service Schedule

Book Member into Service via Schedule

Once services have been setup via Bookings and Classes, you can book one on one sessions for your members.

  • Go to Schedule page
  • Select Trainer schedule (top left) to select trainer to book
  • Left-click on date/time you wish to schedule the class
  • Select Add Booking.
  • Complete details, ensuring you:
    • Select correct member
    • Select correct service from the drop-down list
    • Select correct date
    • Select correct start / end times
    • Use Repeats function if booking repeats at this time
    • Select Facility, if required
  • Save
    • Save and Pay Now - you will be taken to Point of Sale to complete payment
    • Save Booking - defer payment. Charges will be added to member account. They will be charged in next billing cycle, or prompted to pay when checking in to booking

Manual Check-In to Service via Schedule

  • Click on service on Schedule
  • Select Tick icon to right of member name
    • Green member card indicates successful check-in

Note; automatic check-in is available for members who check-in to gym using their key fob.
Enable and setup up details in Settings > Advanced Configuration > Booking.

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