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Manage Class Schedule

Schedule Classes

Once classes have been setup via Bookings and Classes, you can schedule your classes.

  • Go to Schedule page
  • Select Facility schedule (top left) where class will be held
  • Left-click on date/time you wish to schedule the class
  • Select Add Class
  • Complete details, ensuring you:
    • Select correct class from the dropdown list
    • Select correct date
    • Select correct start / end times
    • Use Repeats function if class repeats at this time
    • Select trainer / instructor who will run class
  • Save Class

Class will now be able to be booked by Members, in person (via Schedule) and online via Member Portal (when enabled)

Book Member into Class via Schedule

  • Go to Schedule page
  • Left-click on class member wishes to book, ensuring you have correct date
  • Enter member’s name into member search field, left-hand side of page
  • Member card will appear below search field
  • Click arrow icon to right of their name to book them into class

If payment is required for the class, a prompt for payment will appear - you will be taken to Point of Sale to process the payment.
If an error message displays, double-check whether the member has access to this class and is up to date on their membership fees.

Edit / Delete / Repeat Member Bookings

Once member is booked in, you can further manage their booking.

  • Click on class they are booked into, via Schedule
  • Select drop-down menu on far right of their member card
  • Select to edit, delete, or schedule repeat bookings for this class

Manual Check-In to Class

  • Click on class on Schedule
  • Locate member on list, right-hand side
  • Select Tick icon to right of their name
    • Green member card indicates successful check-in
  • To change order of member list, use dropdown box and sort-order toggle located to right of Attendees

Note; automatic check-in is available for members who check-in to gym using their key fob.
Enable and setup up details in Settings > Advanced Configuration > Booking.

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