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Manage Members

Manage Members

Accounts and Billing


Add payments, credit/debit notes, view statements and invoices.

  • Go to Member Details > Accounts and Billing tab

    • Prepay - enable member to pay ahead for membership fees
    • Adjustment - make changes to a member’s account balance, including membership fees, discounts, refunds, late fees, or any other adjustments. Credit notes and debit notes are used to track changes made
    • Statement - select statement dates, with the option to email to the member
    • Invoices - view current and historic invoices associated with this member
    • Add Payment - process an in-person payment via Point of Sale


Follow link to Add Billing Details to Member.
Once billing is set up, you can manage billing for members who require assistance managing their payments or who are overdue in their payments.

  • Go to Member Details > Accounts and Billing tab
    • Scroll down to Other Information
      • Max Amount to Bill: set maximum billing amount for a member. This can be useful if a member is unable to pay the total amount owed in one transaction. For example, if a member is $150 in arrears, you can set a maximum of $50 per month for the next three months
      • Deadline for Owing: set a revised payment deadline for a member before their debt falls due. This can be used in conjunction with the “Max Amount to Bill” feature to create a payment schedule that helps the member resolve their arrears
      • Billing Comments: add internal notes to a member’s account. These notes can include information about any agreements made with the member or their current billing status
      • Bad Debtor: if a member is a bad debtor, you can mark them as such, and a warning message will be displayed on their account, indicating there is a problem collecting their payments
      • Blacklist - if blacklisted, member cannot purchase new memberships or access Member Portal
        In example below, member has established a payment plan with increased payment amount per payment frequency to settle their outstanding fees, with the full payment expected by November 30th.
        If appropriate to the situation you might choose to add a corresponding hold on their membership, restricting access until the fees are fully paid. (Select Continue Regular Billing when creating hold)

Accounts and Billing FAQs

See Billing page and Billing

Accounts and Billing