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Financial Configuration

Customize and manage the financial aspects of your club, ensuring smooth financial processes for gym and members.

Tax Rates

Before you begin selling your products and services through GymMaster, you’ll need to make sure that your tax rates are set up correctly.

Add Tax Rates

  • Go to Settings > Financial Configuration > Tax Rates > Adjust tax Rates > Add Tax Rate
  • Differentiate tax rates for each category: You can establish separate tax rates for various categories of items sold at your facility.
  • Define tax rate details:
    • Tax Rate Title - use this as a reference within GymMaster (e.g., Booking Tax, Product Tax)
    • Tax Rate Name - this appears on receipts and invoices as a reference for your members
    • Set as Default - select to have this tax rate pre-selected in sales and services (can be adjusted per sale/service)
    • Tax Rate Components - determine the applicable tax percentage based on local requirements
      • Most tax rates have a single component, but some regions may have multiple components

In example, we have created GST tax rate, a default Sales Tax applied to most products and services.
The tax rate is set at 12.5%.

Apply Tax Rates

Once your tax rates are created in Financial Configuration, they can be applied to your products and services;

  • Memberships - apply tax rates via Membership Types > Membership Categories
  • Class Bookings - apply tax rates via Bookings and Classes > Classes > Class Categories
  • Service Bookings - apply tax rates via Bookings and Classes > Services > Service Categories
  • Products - apply tax rates via Products
  • Maintenance Fee - apply tax rate via Club Details > Maintenance Fee
  • General Sale - apply tax rate via Financial Configuration > Tax Rates
  • Miscellaneous - apply tax rate via Financial Configuration > Tax Rates

Financial Configuration

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Financial Configuration