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Financial Configuration

Customize and manage the financial aspects of your club, ensuring smooth financial processes for gym and members.


Referrals refer to the practice of encouraging and facilitating existing gym members to recommend or introduce new individuals to join the gym.
A referral occurs when a current member actively promotes the gym’s services, facilities, or programs to their friends, family, colleagues, or acquaintances, with the intention of encouraging them to become new members.

GymMaster’s referral system provides tools and features to track, manage, and reward successful referrals.
This may include offering incentives or benefits to members who refer new individuals, such as discounted membership rates, free classes, merchandise, or other rewards.

Apply Referral Discount

Apply referral discount to online and/or manual sign up;


Allow existing members to send potential new members a referral link generated in the Member Portal / App;

  • Go to Settings > Advanced Configuration > Member Portal Configuration > Sign-Up
    • Enable Online Sign-Up
      • Enable ‘Refer a Friend’ via Member Portal/App
  • Save


Apply referral discount in person;

  • Add new member as usual
  • Add Membership via Membership Tab
    • Select Referral / Discount Code
      • Select Use Referral Reward
      • Select existing member who has referred new member
      • Select referral reward
      • Reward will be applied (unless reward has been delayed)
    • Complete sign up process
  • Save