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Financial Configuration

Customize and manage the financial aspects of your club, ensuring smooth financial processes for gym and members.

Point of Sale Stations

Point of Sale is the system used to manage and process sales transactions, such as purchases of memberships, products, or services.
The point of sale system in GymMaster can be integrated with other software and hardware such as cash registers, barcode scanners, and payment terminals, making it a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of gym operations.

GymMaster allows for the use of multiple points of sale, which are referred to as POS stations.
This enables you to have several computers across your facility where POS transactions can be conducted, and you can keep track of where each sale took place.
If you use a thermal receipt printer and a cash drawer, choosing the station determines where the receipt will print and which cash drawer will open.

To set up POS stations in GymMaster;

  • Go to Settings > Financial Configuration > POS Stations

    From here, you can;

    • View / Select Current Stations
    • Add Square Terminal device to station
    • Add New POS Station
      • Add Station Name, Gym, Save
      • Once saved, new POS station will appear on Current Station list
  • For users with multiple sites the station designates the club where sales are recorded, which affects financial reporting for that specific club

  • If you’re using thermal printers or cash drawers and need to change which station is linked to your Gatekeepers, you’ll need to contact GymMaster Support and provide them with the station name/number and the name of the Gatekeeper you want to associate with the station
    It’s important to note that each Gatekeeper can only be linked to one station at a time.

Financial Configuration

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Financial Configuration

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