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Financial Configuration

Customize and manage the financial aspects of your club, ensuring smooth financial processes for gym and members.

Payment Methods

Selections made here impact member payment options and related actions for those payment methods.
GymMaster comes with pre-set payment methods available; add additional options ones if needed.

Go to Financial Configuration > Payment Methods

  • Reportable - this refers to income, includes genuine forms of revenue like cash or online payments that need to be reported
  • Show in POS - payment method will display as option when making a payment through Point of Sale
  • Refundable - option can be utilized when issuing a refund for a transaction

In example below, use of Cash is reportable, refundable, and available as an option in Point of Sale.
Charge to Member (member pays fee later) is not reportable (no payment has yet been made), cannot be refunded, but is available as an option in Point of Sale.

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