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GymMaster Gym Software Manual

Club Details

Add club/s to GymMaster, and setup the details of your gyms.
You can also access your GymMaster Account or request a Mass Hold via the Club Details page.

Add Club Details

  • Go to Settings > Club Details
  • Select Club (when multiple clubs are added)
  • Complete following details;

Club Name

  • Club name, address, bank details

Logos and Graphics

  • Upload graphics for;

    • Club logo
    • Invoice/receipt logo
    • Favicon - small 16×16 pixel icon that appears at the top of a web browser. It serves as branding for your website and a convenient way for visitors to locate your page when they have multiple tabs open. Because of their tiny size, favicons work best as simple images or one-to-three characters of text. At this time, you are only able to replace the GymMaster Online favicon, not GymMaster Member Portal
    • Club signature
  • Create Club Email Template

  • Learn how to create your email templates under Email Templates.

    • Template for the header, footer, color scheme for background. You can personalize your template further by adding images and text

Common Details

  • Language, Timezone, Date Format

Additional Details

  • Club email address, Phone Number, Website
  • Club tax number, Till Float
  • Opening date - date on which gym officially opens its doors for business
  • Billing start date- the first billing date of the club. Date may be earlier than the club’s opening date, if pre-sale memberships are being sold
  • Default check-in door

Billing Details

See Billing for full billing setup process

  • Manual Billing Only - Not recommended. Billing will not automatically send every night when Manual Billing Only is enabled
    • If choosing to run manual billing, please contact GymMaster Support for thorough training in this area
  • Billing Providers - details for your Billing Providers are added here
  • If you are using multiple providers
    • Select your first provider, fill in all details required
    • Select your next provider in Billing Provider dropdown box, fill in all details required
    • Details for each provider will be saved as you go
    • If desired billing provider is not on the list, go to Configure Billing Providers to enable provider

Member Portal

See Member Portal for further setup details

  • Online Sign-Up Redirect URL - URL members will be taken to upon completion of Sign-Up
  • Paid in full Billing Provider - billing providers charge different rates, consdier a combination of billing providers
  • Recurring Billing Provider - billing providers charge different rates, consider a combination of billing providers
  • Club Notices - club notices are displayed in a short banner at the top of the member portal and app. They are visible to all members and serve as a way to share important information. Each club can have its own specific notice, allowing for customization. Notices can include text, URLs, and images, but it’s advisable to keep them concise and test them on the app to ensure they don’t occupy too much screen space
    Billing Providers in image above selected as examples only

Member App

See Member App for further setup details

  • Set Member App Banner
    • Banner displays at top of menu in member App
    • Ideal aspect ratio is 3:2, approx 900 x 600 pixels
  • Club Information
    • Add extra club information to be displayed within Member App
    • Note; Club Notices (Member Portal setup above) will display within Member App)
    • Displayed within Club Details Widget on Member App
    • Enable Member App widgets via Member App

Notification Sounds

Sound alert triggered when a member uses their key fob to gain access to the gym.
Different sounds can be used to notify reception staff if a member has been denied entry, or if they have a ‘warning’ attached to their account, such as an account due to be paid.

  • Notification Sounds can be customized for;
    • Key tag access
    • Granting/denying access
    • New tag creation

Maintenance Fee

A maintenance fee is an optional regular one-off charge on top of standard Membership fee.
When enabling the Maintenance Fee, you can apply it to members based on their Membership Category, giving you the ability to charge fee to specific groups of members.

In the example below;

  • Member will be charged $60, 90 days after they first sign up for a membership at the club
  • Charge will only be collected if they have a membership that is in a membership division that has the maintenance fee enabled (by default it is disabled)
  • One year later, if the member still has a membership that is in a membership division that has the maintenance fee switched on, they will be charged $60 again
  • This check and charge will continue to occur each year on the same anniversary as long as the member is in the system
  • Save

Club Details

Add Club
Request / End Mass Hold
Club Details