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Bookings and Classes

This is the back-end of your Schedule. Set up your facilities, staff / trainers, classes and services to allow them to be scheduled and booked

Service Categories

Categories allow you to divide your services into logical groups, making them easier to manage and report on.
For example, if you have multiple personal training session types you can use a ‘Personal Training’ category to assign personal training services to that category.

  • Go to Category List via side menu under Services
    • Click on the Add Service Category button on the top right corner of Category List page
    • Complete Details
      In example below, please note that only the selected Trainers are able to be booked for Personal Training sessions within this category. Selected Facilities (Octagon and Studio) can be booked
  • Save

If you decide to use the default category provided, it’s a good idea to edit it to make sure it suits your needs

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