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Member App

The GymMaster Member App gives your members the ability to access the Member Portal via their smartphone or tablet.
Via the Member Portal they can view your timetable, book into classes and make bookings with your trainers, and update their personal information.

Customize App Colors

Color enhances visual appeal, makes app navigation and recognition intuitive while aligning the App with your branding.

Member App Primary Colors

  • Go to Home > Customize Member App > Customize Member App Color Scheme
  • Option is at bottom of screen
    • Set your primary and accent colors
      • Primary color is used for headings, background etc
      • Accent color is used for buttons and other small sections within app
  • Customize Member App option on Home screen can be enabled under Member Portal Configuration > General.

Bookings and Classes Colors

  • Go to Bookings and Classes > Add Class / Add Service > General Settings
    • Select color
    • In the absence of a logo, the booking will use selected color in background
    • Color adds a little flare to help your members better distinguish classes from one another
      The classes will turn grey when full/unavailable/etc, so select a color that is not grey

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