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GymMaster Gym Software Manual

Doors and Readers

GymMaster software combined with door access hardware form an access control system which allows automated individualized entry


Note - our staff will set up the back-end for you, connecting your hardware and doors with GymMaster.

Additional settings to create particular access rules can be modified here.

Once the Gatekeeper system is set up, you can manage access and door readers via Settings > Door & Readers.
Note that;

  • Each reader is associated with a certain door and Gatekeeper

  • Reader name should be chosen to identify which reader a member has swiped

  • Door status can be changed from Open to Locked or Active

  • Controlled doors can be set to automatically book a member or deny access if no booking is made

  • Any door can be assigned as Female Access Only or Restricted Door

  • Options to display door information in Last Visits report, designate door as Exit Door, or set up as a Tailgating door where Tailgating service is enabled

  • Door & Readers page summarizes current Gatekeeper status with option to restart software or reboot hardware

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