SMS Marketing: Better (and cheaper) than ever!

With digital marketing becoming the way of the future, we’ve searched high and low for a reliable, cost-saving solution to make SMS marketing more accessible for you to get your message delivered directly into your target’s hands.
New Pricing Structure
The new pricing structure is now a simpler flat rate based on the SMS provider for your region, examples include:
  • USA – $0.06 USD per text
  • AUS – $0.11 AUD per text
  • NZ – $0.12 NZD per text
  • Rest of World – $0.10 USD per text
Please note: Prices are exclusive of any sales tax/GST. Bulk rates may be available if sending more than 2000 SMS messages per month.

Here are some great ideas to get more clients into your gym:
    • Sending SMS to prospects with personalised messages with sign-up promotions e.g. half price first month
    • Offering clients something special for bringing their friend/s along – and something even nicer if their friend/s sign up!
    • Automated booking reminders before classes and one-on-one sessions
    • Sending members an encouraging text when their visiting patterns change
    • Automated birthday messages offering a free smoothie or class
    • Letting members know about new classes, products or services
    • Individual, personalised client contact, such as when a member forgets their watch or towel
  If you haven’t checked it out yet, go into Settings > SMS Templates Setup and play around with some of the custom fields, to make your messages more personal
With our recent upgrade, there are several changes that you’ll notice:
  • Your recipient’s replies will now be sent to the email address that you have entered in Settings > Preferences > Communications, in the section Email Sender.
  • The recipient will be given the option to opt out. If they do this and you send them an SMS again, you will not be charged.