Minor GymMaster Changes v5.305

Description of Change Module Affected
Removed ‘delete’ button from web and banking payment types Billing
Introduced a warning message when the billing start date for a member is prior to their membership starting date Billing
Resolved booking resource bug Bookings
Mark a members attendence if they swipe in less than 3 hours before the class booking Bookings
Resolved repeat booking bug Bookings
Resolved booking clashes when changing a bookings date and time Bookings
Fix spelling error in replicate table list Database
Improved check store function for when carrying out a data recovery Database
User access log record improvements. Database
Adding more description on the back up notes Database
Terminology change from ‘enquiry’ to ‘prospect’ Database
Resolved “nightrun_membership writes to whole table” error message Database
Resolved “issue additional card” error message Database
Increased the number of measurement columns to now include customised values Member Details
New button that will enable all automatic SMS’s to be recorded on the communications tab of the membership screen Member Details
Now able to classify up-sell’s to a particular member. This is visible when a new membership is added to a current existing membership, e.g. PT concession card in addition to a 12 month DD membership. Memberships
Fix POS caching member details Point of Sale
Fix to American time/date stamps Point of Sale
Fix where date parameters were cast to timestamps in the till take report/td> Point of Sale
Resolved receipt issue with taxation/td> Point of Sale
Improvements to the tax invoice generation for memberships to support multiple tax rates Point of Sale
Resolved an error within the stock level calculation Point of Sale
Changes to the tax rates within the KPI report to account for the American and Canadian markets Reporting and KPI’s
Improved the joining members, current members and expiring members reports by improving the layout, content and compute time Reporting and KPI’s
Now able to add in custom fields as new columns to your member reports Reporting and KPI’s
Resolved issue when adding free time Settings
Improvements to sending functions of bulk SMS campaigns Task Types
Automated SMS sending when DD payments fail now processes quicker Task Types
Fix tasktype triggers for members when starting a new membership Task Types
Differentiate SMS template between members and prospects Task Types
When a prospect is set to ‘not interested’ all automated tasks will be cancelled Task Types
Now able to see who sent an SMS or Email on the correspondence list Task Types