GymMaster Changes v322

Major Enhancements

Description of Change Modules Affected
A new window is opened when you view the communicate message from within the prospect window. Prospects
Class instructions have been added to the class form. Online
Dropdown boxes have been changed from lists to combo’s on various fields. System
Membership fees can now be billed pro rata when a member cancels early. Billing
Renaming of the word enquiry to prospect. Prospects
Included a more detailed breakdown to the notes for charges affected by suspensions. Suspensions
Moved the individual bank detail setup into a dropdown list. Billing
A toggle has been added for the trainer assignment at the membership level. Memberships
Renamed expire membership to cancel membership. Memberships
Included support for config_lookup table, which reduces the need for gymmaster preferences section. Reports
Can send test emails without having to restart GymMaster. Communication
Ability to create invoice batches where you can generate invoices for all members. Billing
A column has been added to the class table to show a custom message for the user after they book a given class type. Bookings
A new report, Resource Summary, has been created under the bookings section. Reports
Added input fields for US Bank Formats. Billing
The export to csv on Process batch is now exporting detailed info about dd exports for each member. Billing
Files for staff login have been added into reports + plpgsql folders. Reports
Added Bluepay python and sql files. System
Bank export format for Westpac CC (NZ) has now been included. Billing
Included the “Booking Fee” to “All Member Bookings” configurable report. Some various fixes to the addition of the memberid column in the entryexit table. Reports
A “Paid” column has been included on invoices. Billing
The check-in reason for Dual-Auths when no member swipe is recorded has been added to the configurable reports. Reports
Database backend now has the ability to disable cross checking EziDebit for member details and able to ignore inconsistencies caused by transferring from another EziDebit system. Database
Option in the database backend to hide the “Open Drawer” button from the PoS screen if requested. Database
The placeholder image from the communication tab has been removed and some buttons on the right hand side of the screen have been repositioned. Communication
Single sms is also using company_config.sms_reply_email now as replyemail for sms. System
Membership/Programme information has been included in the “All Member Bookings” configurable report. Reports
“Programme Concession Limit” column has been incorporated into the configurable reports with programme information. Reports
Added “Membership Trainer Name” to the configurable reports with membership information. Reports
A log has been created to capture which particular swipes are used in the Dual Swipe Booking Authentication. System
Columns added to the configurable reports displaying the names of the people that swiped for the Dual Swipe Booking Authentication. Reports
Additional tooltips have been added. User Admin
Added trigger on entryexit to insert memberid. System
An sql function has been added to populate memberid in old records of entryexit. System
“Booking Notes” column has been added to the configurable reports. Reports
Added functionality for turning multiple results ON/OFF for reports. Reports
Bluepay has been added to DD exception report. Reports
An export to csv on future billing has been included. Billing
A member search now allows for partial card number matching. Memberships
Optional booking checkin available, which requires a staff swipe and a member swipe to confirm. Bookings
Assignment of PTs to memberships. Memberships
Tax rates can be set at the programme-group level rather than just a global membership/programme tax rate. Tax
A member note is created when bank account/credit card details are modified or when the relevant edit details link for a payment provider is clicked in GymMaster. Payments
Added Visits in Period configurable report. Reports
Resolved issue around speed for when the future billing window is opened for the first time. Billing
Added note in future billing when Bill ASAP charges are detected indicating the Bill ASAP charge may go out earlier than listed date. Billing
Accounts in credit are no longer excluded from the billing batch if they pay for other members, so the members they pay for can still get billing through. Billing
Added bank export format for Bangkok Bank. Billing
GUI for Bluepay. Interface
Inserting memberid into entryexit on swipe or manual check in. System
Now have the ability to reprint sale receipt on the Dashboard. Dashboard
Added a “Not Contains” filter to text fields in the configurable reports. Reports
Added bulk sms functions into pl-swipe.sql. System
Shortened the web renew hash. Interface
Aligned frame within the Communication tab. Communication
Added sms_reply_email in company_config. GymMaster uses different email for sms replies now. Communication
Merged single sms interface with bulk. Interface
Various changes made on the Prospects screen. Prospects
Automatically adding custom payment schedule memberships to an invoice for easier printout/reporting on the schedules. Billing
Added Disallow button to tick/untick communication preferences of a member/prospect. Communications

Minor Enhancements

Description of Change Modules Affected
Xero will ignore charges and payments in relation to incomplete memberships. Billing
When the member window is closed it will also close the suspension window. Memberships
Programme tax is now returning the correct amount. Tax
Importing AP bank statements when members were affected by a suspension is now working. Billing
When an autopaid membership is deleted it now deletes the autopayments. Billing
Updating of the start dates and first payment dates on autopayment memberships is now moving the autopayments correctly. Billing
Improved nightrun. System
“Front Desk – Not Locked Down” now has member PT assignment access. System
A more accurate timestamp created for bank_ap. Billing
The occasional double payments when doing AP imports will no longer occur if the computer is turned off during the AP import process. Billing
Temporary tables are now being removed correctly. Database
Fix for ANZ transum.csv. Billing
The get_class_availability function amended to return full when a class is full. Altered get_bookable_classes to return full classes. Bookings
Error no longer occurs when doing a “Member No Trainer” report. Reports
Results for the “All Member including historical members” and “Starting Memberships” reports now returning data as requested and not filtering down to a single membership. Reports
Tax calculations now correct when dealing with DD Signup fees. Tax
Various buttons realigned on the Preferences screen to allow all options to be visible on the screen. Interface
Incomplete bank format error for Westpac CC (NZ) has been fixed. Billing
When locked transactions occur the billing alerts is set to fail sooner. Billing
Start/End Date is now copying to the report function correctly. Reports
Petty cash withdrawals are now being labelled as such in the sales descriptions. Point of Sale
When petty cash withdrawals are voided they will reverse the withdrawn amount corrctly. Point of Sale
NULL value issue when renewing memberships has been resolved. Memberships
Tasks and bulk emails will not be generated where there are invalid email addresses. Tasks
Signup fees are now being set to be billed when the signup fee is changed from a default of $0. Billing
Last visitors booking assignment is no longer picking up cancelled bookings. Bookings
A column name has been amended so the KPI report now displays as required. Reports
The “Balance Amount” on receipts is now calculating in preexisting payments against assigned charges. Payments
Adjustments made to sms queue for dd failures. Payments
Issues around removing or adding attachments to a template when sending an individual email have been rectified. Communication
Additional entries can now be added to training packages. Bookings
BNZ bank export format error due to an incorrect hash has been corrected. Payments
Gymmaster was sending emails/sms to the members who had not agreed to receive them. From the Communication tab, if the user tries to send an email/sms to members/prospects, then Gymmaster will checkmember.receiveemail/sms field and will not send email/sms if the field is false. Communication
Task can no longer be assigned to deleted staff. Tasks
Database changes to support a changable ‘location’ on doors for recording the location of the swipes. Database
Spaces are no longer accepted at the start or end of a name as they were causing an error in the bookings. Database
Charges for bookings is now being charged at time of the booking instead of the nightrun. Bookings
Fix created for whitespace for Export to Spreadsheet. System
Colouring on booking screen modified showing gradients for first visits etc. Bookings
Trigger on adding payments or charges that was not working on PostgreSQL 8.3 or earlier has now been fixed. Payments
Added function for doing PostgreSQL version check against the server. System
Updated file formatting in till take reports so that an export to CSV doesn’t have so much whitespace in it. Reports
The future billing window is now displaying future billing for members with advance charges already generated against them. Billing
Task generated SMSs/Emails were still showing up in the queue but as not-to-send when the task was cancelled/expired. This has now been resolved. Task
While setting up programmes and selecting a company you can now see all applicable sites. Programmes
There is no longer an error when making a class booking and the class extended beyond the visible section of the booking screen. Bookings
All figures in GymMaster are tax inclusive, config.post_add_tax is purely for changing how reporting displays. Tax
Problem of voiding a sale sometimes missing some payments has been resolved. Payments
Adding a payment when the Point of Sale window is not open will now allow the cash drawer to open. Point of Sale
If sms is not sent then this information is now inserting into the correspondance table. Communications
Current members report displaying all members as required. Reports
Multiple suspensions can no longer be made against a memebership. Suspensions
Updated web renewal link format. Online
Error when trying to reprint a receipt without a sale selected has been resolved. Point of Sale
When the close button is selected it will also close the associated calendar date selection window. Bookings
Slowdown caused by large database searches with short search terms has been fixed. Database
Double clicking on the dashboard task list now opens the correct screen. Tasks
The configurable report results screen has been tidied up. Reports
The bulk SMS section has been revamped. Communications
Add payment window now takes into account charges that have already been partially paid for. Payments
Invoices showing amounts exclusive of tax as required. Tax
Have removed the warning about booking cancellation fees when no fees have been set. Bookings
Repeat bookings will support any amendments made to the created booking to a slightly different time on the same day. Bookings
Adjusted DD exceptions report to no longer include historic members. Reports
Tightened user access rights System