GymMaster Recent Log

GymMaster Recent Logs

April 2021

* RSF: `Member Length` added for member reports.

*The total amount of days this member has held a membership up until the end of the report period*

* Benefit Anniversary constraint added, next anniversary must be in the future.

*Further to this, backdated holds no longer affect benefit anniversaries. Implications unknown.*

* RSF: `Last Contacted` added for member reports, intended for prospects.

* RSF: `Minimum owing over 90 days` added for member reports.

* Visit Graph KPI now only counts check ins with `takeconcession` true.

* [Void] and [Adjust] buttons have been removed for failed payment line items in member’s Account History.

* Added `Member Last Gym` report field for prospects.

* Added `Send Shared Membership Notification` setting, which if enabled will email the member when they’re added to a shared membership.

* Added `Member Coming Booking Cancel URL` report field so members can be emailed a cancellation link for their booking.

* Added signature to custom membership contracts.

* Added `Require photo for membership completion` setting to require a member has a profile photo before they can have completed memberships

*This setting is hidden by default.*

* Referral’s can no longer apply one off credits.

*This was causing issues with member account balances due to the internal behaviour of credit notes.*

* Stripe now supports `off-session` billing through the Point of Sale, this allows a member to be without triggering 3DS via the Point of Sale.

* Added support for an Italian translation.

* CFG: `Custom Dashboard Limit` added, hidden setting.

*Previously hard-coded to a maximum of 15 widgets.*

* `Communication Sent` report changes:

* RSF: `Communication Type ID` renamed to `Communication Type`

* Joined to `staff` table, giving access to all staff report column

* Warning message added for reports that are taking a long time, advising ways to make the report faster.

* `Notice Given of Cancellation` report no longer excludes members who have renewed since their cancellation.

* Speed improvements to benefits.

### Member Portal

* Added show/hide password button to login page.

* Last-used filters will now be remembered on the schedule page when landing back on it from somewhere else.

* Speed improvements to online class bookings.

### Member App

* Improved workout support, members should now be able to view there results via the app.

March 2021

* Further speed improvements with Fluent caching.

* Debt Collection report now shows more information on failed billing reason including recommended actions, similar to member’s account history.

* Various RSF relating to membership value added for member reports.

* `Member Sum Value of All Memberships In Period`

* `Member Sum of Monthly Memberships In Period`

* `Member Sum of Yearly Memberships In Period`

* `Member Sum of Weekly Memberships In Period`

* `Member Sum of Fortnightly/Bi Weekly Memberships In Period`

* `Member Sum of PIF Memberships In Period`

* RSF: `Days between cleared and due date` added for Task reports.

* `All Tax on Sales` deprecated report removed.

*Data available using All Sales report, and tax columns*

## Staff App

* Added filter for type to member communications.

## Member App

* Members will be able to selectively fill out measurement results, rather than having to fill in every single one.

February 2021

* Division sort order now affects the order of memberships when manually checking in a member.

* v6 Journals can not be edited or void in the latest accounting version.

* Hidden Setting: `Find Member uses list view`, added for defining default layout of Find Member.

* RSF: `Booking Day of Week`, names which day the booking is on, added for all `Booking` reports.

* Custom Widget’s Date Mode option added: `Fixed Start and End Dates` . Widget will select the full period start to finish.

*i.e. Week: Monday -> Sunday, Month: 1st -> 30th*

* Improved POS voucher redemption UI.

* Some booking-related task triggers can now be filtered by the booking’s resource.

## Member App

* Product descriptions will now show when clicking on the product.

* `Staff Visitor Log` report added. Shows visits from staff key fobs, as assigned under User Administration.

* Member Appointment Bookings tab ‘Future Booking’ filter has been changed to a dropdown menu. This means there are more filter options, the original behaviour is `Upcoming & Past Bookings` .

* Casual Credit value hidden from Find Member interface.

* RSF: `Quantity Sold to Members` added for Product Sales reports. Helps to distinguish between member and casual sales.

* Significant speed improvements made when searching in Find Member.

* Membership/Membership type Minimum Terms are now interval fields.

* Debt Collection report title includes the total owing amount.

* RSF: `Membership Type Name` added for Members on Hold report. This field lists all memberships that a hold is impacting.

* RSF: `Value of Hold` added for Members on Hold report. Shows the monetary value of the lost revenue due to the hold.

* Report’s Display Mode filter has been added to the custom KPI widget builder. Users can filter casual memberships now.

* Added help text to communication subscription settings.

* Added Prerequisite Questionnaire for classes. This was previously available for Services only.

* `Featured Class` has been removed from the Edit Class page, because it wasn’t used by anything.

* The `Daily Booking Limit` and `Current Day Booking Limit` have been split into class & service specific settings.

## Member Portal

* Product page layout has been improved.

## Member App

* Added an upgrade prompt when we increase the minimum app version.

* Removed page after scanning a door’s QR code for access.

November 2020

* Added support for custom uploaded checkin MP3 files

* Refactored member account history

* Added new setting (`Show Service Sortorder`) for showing the sort order of a service in the `Booking & Classes` page

* Added membership ID to account filter dropdown in Member Account tab

* CFG: `Allow duplicated details` added, can be disabled to prevent users from creating duplicate members

* Custom Dashboard Widgets now allow the choice for whether a value increase is positive(green) or negative(red)

* RSF: `Membership Payment Type` added to Membership reports

* Report: `Duplicate Members` , Members with matching names, cell phone numbers or email addresses

* further workout changes

* Can send communications to people on a class wait list

* Added display for problems moving people from the waitlist into the class (e.g. member doesn’t have any benefits). This will show an error icon on the waitlist, which has a tooltip with the problem in it.

## Member Portal

* Added display of EzyPay fees when signing up. These are being pulled from the EzyPay API

* If EzyPay is enabled, the address fields will now always be required, as EzyPay need address details

* `Break out of parent website on mobile devices` setting has been switched to disabled by default

* Added new setting (`Show Member Account Balance`) for showing the member’s account balance when they’re logged in

* Added new setting (`Collect Billing Info via Sign & Complete`) for collecting billing information when using `Sign & Complete`

* Further workout changes

* Added a `Duplicate` button when editing questionnaires

* Added a `Complete` button for incomplete memberships, when `Sign & Complete` is enabled on the membership’s division

## Member App

* Added member ID display to side menu

* Further workout changes

* Added Japanese translation

October 2020

* Concession Pack memberships no longer deduct for every check in. `swipe_timeout` is considered now.

* GoCardless transactions now include a reference to the membership being paid for, viewable in the GC portal as the `description`.

* ‘No Membership’ result member app logins are now logged in the `entryexit` table and Visitors section.

*  `Division All In Period` report source field added for member reports.

* [Open Door] commands now consider `RELAY_OPENTIME` . Affects member app check in. *Requires GK cardsentry upgrade.*

* `Class Types Visited In Period` report source field added for `Members Class Bookings in Period` report.

* `Failed Billing` tasks now have an execution date the same as settlement date instead of the request date.

* MP setting `Minimum term of Membership Before Cancellation Allowed` has been replaced with `Membership cancellation notice period`, as the minimum term is already covered by the membership.

* Required fields on the MP signup form will now have a red asterisk on them to make it clearer to users.

* Meetings can now have rooms & equipment assigned to them.

* Assign/remove awards on a member using a task.

* `Class Booking Coming Up (Not signed waiver)` task trigger added, which are created when the member hasn’t agreed to the class waiver yet.

* Ongoing changes to how the member app displays workouts / exercises

September 2020

* Various member details added to change log: Custom fields, Billing’s Other info, Company

* Breadcrumbs added to various pages: Label editor, Tax Rates, Reports, Agreements, Membership Types, Communication Templates, Task types

* Various changes to new database defaults: Enable Pay Outstanding Balance, Bill Immediately for Bookings, Service type 1 named ‘Personal Training Bookings’, don’t requires most member details, default billing day, staff action removed from tasktypes, membershiptype colours, 15min calendar increments, placeholder T&Cs

* Payment Plans Report deprecated until this feature is brought back.

* Task types can add tags as the action.

* Task types can be filtered by tags now.

* Report: `Settled Billing Payments` added, based off of settlement date not charge date.

* Meetings can now be checked in

* Products can now have SKUs

* Restrict divisions to have a maximum number of current memberships at a time. This can be enabled via the hidden `Limit membership enrolments by division` setting

* Added auto cancellation to group services

* Renamed several prospect task triggers to be more accurate

* Added no-show fees to services

* Members can now have any number of emergency contacts

* Added class auto cancellation cutoff time. The class will not be cancelled due to lack of attendees if the class is within this time period from now.

* Class auto cancellation will email trainer when the class gets cancelled

* Improved award UI on Member Portal

* Added `Has Logged in Online` report field

* Added setting for configuring automatic sending of membership contracts, `Send Membership Contracts`

* Member communication tab tag for the email template used can now be clicked to view/edit the template

* Task lists are now data-tables, allowing ordering on any column in any direction.

* Better multisite visitation reporting: `Visit Percentage At Home Club` and `Visits By Club in Period` columns added.

* `Prospect Referred by Member` Task event trigger added.

* Automatically actioned tasks are excluded from task lists before they are sent.

* Doors status no longer switch from Locked -> Active due to `Doors Set To Active At Closing` setting.

* `Member Weekly Visit Streak` report field added for member reports.

* `Class Benefits` report field added for membership type reports.

* New reporting section `Company Insights`, reports that compare multi-site clubs to one another, Includes: `Member Changes by Club` and 12 month overviews (month by month breakdown) on; Lost members, member count, new members, and revenue collected

* Members Excluded from counts now count as a “New Member” in the reports, rather than a rejoin  Non-default Payment methods now have a unique highlight

* Various Improvements for the new Point of Sale page

* exercise system in GM has been overhauled:

* Now includes Exercise Equipment

* Now includes Exercise Muscle Groups

* groups & equipment are filterable/searchable.

* Exercise Types can now be edited & managed by staff.

* Improvements to Dark Mode

* Promotional Periods (On the membership type) will not affect the memberships minimum term, this means they’re included in the minimum term length

* Membership types “Open Online” has been renamed to “Sell Online”

* Added the “prospect booked a session” task

* Minimum Terms are no longer extended if a hold/gifted time is added after the minimum term has ended

* “Prorata” cancellation / Hold are now hidden for PIF memberships

* “Merge Tax Rate” button has been removed