GymMaster Changes v5.317

Major Enhancements

Description of Change Modules Affected
Download a CSV file with all your future billing for all members from the billing screen. Billing
Zeroing utility also sets charges to not to be billed. Billing
Having the “from” email in SMSs grab the email address from the company config to which the currently logged in staff member is assigned. Communication
Clear/unsubscribe function for emails and mobiles. Communication
Allow searching of prospects by email address. Database
Generate a placeholder member when the last is deleted in the event you manage to delete every single member. Database
Allow casual class bookings for members without memberships. Memberships
A “Visitors Log” report, based off of the last visitors, but with a selectable date range. Reports
Billing with “Only collect for todays billing” was incorrectly treating charges set to “Bill on members next billing run” by using the occurring date of the charge as opposed to the next billing run date. Billing
Failed DD Payment tasks not generating on eDebit DD failures. Billing
Products being charged to member were showing up as paid charges. Billing
Calculation of DD amounts was not taking into account partially paid charges. Billing
Memberships being detected as renewals when they weren’t. Memberships
Selling non-fullcost memberships through the point of sale not factoring in signup fee and duplicating the cost as a goods sale. Memberships / Point of Sale
KPI report was flagging some membership payments made without a corresponding membership saleitem as unknown. Reports
KPI report was sometimes flagging cash out with a non-cash payment method. Reports
Visits in period information was missing for the current members report. Reports
Visits per day configurable report, not counting granted swipes for doors not assigned a company id. Reports
Wasn’t picking the correct suspension when a second suspension was added to ‘extend’ the first (start date = old end date) instead of increasing the suspension length of the first. Suspensions
Ongoing Fee suspensions still adding partial suspension fees to non-prorata’d charges. Suspensions
Create new member screen appearing when attempting to “Pay Member Account” in point of sale. Point of Sale
Charge to member charges missing. System
Expiry tasks were still triggering for members on holds. Task Types

Minor Enhancements

Description of Change Modules Affected
Barcode scanning wasn’t using the ID defined in the barcode. Barcodes
ANZ bank exports Billing
Adding some missing BSB numbers to the list. Billing
Consolidating the contra entries for the Commonwealth Bank Australia – Direct Entry, ABA file format. Billing
Configurable Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA) ID. Billing
BPoint export: Adding company name into one of the reference fields. Billing
eDebit integration – Differentiate between dishonoured and otherwise failed payments. Billing
Add the BSB check to the trace account in the GymMaster Preferences. Billing
Have the BSB check prompts in the GymMaster Preferences use the new programmic dialogs. Billing
Function to set a members balance to a given value using an adjustment Billing
Replacing the old “Failed Australian BSB validation” dialog window with using the new programmed ones. Billing
Adding ability to specify a trace account for the bank exports. Billing
Changed the export format names slightly to make clearer what export format is for DDs and CCs Billing
Commonwealth Bank ABA format, allow BSBs that fail validation as long as they are in the correct format. (In case the BSB list is incomplete). Billing
Commonwealth Bank ABA format, trimming whitespace from account information. Billing
Blank tax settings should be assumed to be 0. Billing
Australian BSB checking for members and in GymMaster Preferences. Billing
Commonwealth Bank – ABA (Direct Entry) Billing
Westpac MTS format for export. Billing
Bank billing export support for Credit Cards through “Commonwealth Bank – BPoint” Billing
Function to find next billing date wasn’t working when only a memberid was passed. Billing
Error with the EziDebit customer ID being searchable. Billing
Adding a DD Rejection Reasons did not appear in the list of DD Rejection Reasons. Billing
Selecting an existing DD Rejection Reason did not populate the text entry with the current text. Billing
Adding or deleting a reason did not update the list in the Process DD Export Details screen. Billing
Having a null value as direct debit setup time causing first payment dates to be incorrectly set. Billing
Lock to avoid concurrency issues with multiple eDebit DD batches being generated simultaneously. Billing
Trying to edit a failed payment before setting the dd_export_member record to failed. Billing
Duplicate join in the eDebit checkpayment function. Billing
DD Bank exports complaining about CC details. Billing
The Transaction Source for CBA – BPoint updated to be Recurring. Billing
First payment date was not populating when the current day was billing date. Billing
EziDebit “Bill as soon as possible” was still not being billed if no billing occurred on the day being checked for billing. Billing
First payment date wasn’t updating with the start date in come situations. Billing
BPoint export: Missing maximum length checks on certain fields. Billing
Commonwealth Bank – BPoint default export filename was “direct_debit…” changed to “credit_card…” Billing
Renamed export formats from “Commonwealth Bank” to “CBA” Billing
Commonwealth Bank ABA export, the trace account information was not being used. Billing
Commonweath Bank ABA file was coming out as .csv, should be .aba Billing
If failed an attempt to export to file with a bank export, attempting to export again will cause duplicate insert errors. Billing
Payments made at the Gym were still coming up in “Paid Through” as “Bank”. Billing
Invalid ID error wasn’t being handled from eDebit. Billing
When importing a bank statement, error caused by payments from the same person of the same amount on the same day. Detected as duplicates. Bookings
Partial work around for correspondance_sent entries being created twice. Communication
Some search terms were being altered before searching. “Emily” was searching for “Emili”. Database
Various money changes to help with foreign currency formats. Currency
Support for multi-character currency symbols and separators. Currency
Error on when closing and reopening the dashboard window due to temp_gymmaster already existing. Dashboard
Specific access to membership restricted and member restricted roles. Database
Bank account numbers in the member search info. Database
Ezidebit customer ID in the member search info. Database
Delete member button wasn’t graying out when only a single member remaining. Database
Was returning “Surname Surname” as the member full name. Database
Some members weren’t showing up in searches. Database
Minimum width on configurable prompts stopped it from scaling up to fit text. Interface
Allowing the manual setting of the invoice number to unused invoice number. Invoicing
KPI was not matching amounts specified by the till take. KPI
Error with money format when creating a KPI report. KPI
Improved handling of concession memberships with assigned training packages. Memberships
Check if there isn’t a member id given when charging to member Memberships
Money type filters were not allowing the entering of cents. Payments
Historic first payment dates being generated. Payments
Fix for first payment date generation set to a period from a specific date when first payment date is null and origin was current_date. Payments
Removed the product “code” field being forced to be unique. Point of Sale
Point of Sale specific user access. Point of Sale
Money formatting error when generating receipts. Point of Sale
Missing “Sale Description” sometimes in the POS Transactions section. Point of Sale
Sale times are being put off by ~10 minutes. Point of Sale
Till take reporting items as unassigned when they are already assigned to a sale. Point of Sale
Syntax error in the Till Take generation. Point of Sale
Duplicate “Charge to Member” entries from PoS and unassigned to a member. Point of Sale
PoS voucher buttons were still taking up PoS slots even when vouchers are not enabled. Point of Sale
Rounding being added to a calculated upfront even though it is one full period. Pro Rata
Ordering the Programme Group dropdown alphabetically. Programmes
Show Prospect button in the Tasks screen was not working when the prospect screen had a company filter set. Prospects
Booking for prospect tasks were being generated for member bookings. Prospects
Typos in the reports. Reports
For templates, “Insert Field” for suspension start/end dates were picking the wrong ones if multiple existed. Suspensions
Treating ’empty’ tax rates as 0% rather than complaining about it being missing. System
Moving the invoice settings to reduce vertical size of the GymMaster Preferences window. System
Error coming up when adding new staff. System
Current+ being displayed for open ended memberships. System
Crash on GymMaster Mini. System
90/180 Day Member no visit task triggers. Tasks
The add task note was being carried over between prospects. Tasks
Only Relevant to Me was secretly also filtering out anyone without an active task and filtering off leadstrength. Tasks
Fixed a type error that was appearing for when certain tax rates were undefined. Tax
PT role was being assigned the restricted access rather than the PT-Locked Down. User Admin