GymMaster Changes v5.312

Description of Change Module Affected
Remote monitoring of billing for GymMaster premium. To monitor billing runs and alert on technical issues like internet outages. Billing
Fix future billing window for all members to come up properly Billing
Added the ability to print a booking receipt through “Add Booking”. Bookings
Overhaul of prospect handling with relation to tasks. Improved user flow and handling post tours of prospects. Prospects
Inquiry templates now have an “Assigned to Staff Name” field, which inserts the name of the staff member assigned to the inquiry. Prospects
Add ‘suspension start date’, ‘suspension end date’ into editable fields on email/sms template. SMS
Fixed duplicate tasks in the Retention Manager. Tasks
Tasks no longer missing information when looking at tasks over a week in the future. Tasks
Added the ability to delete task types. Tasks
Throw an error to reception when trying to sign up a new member with a canceled or stolen credit card, instead of after billing attempt – Ezidebit. Billing
Auto-payment price changes. Billing
Error caused by credit card month value not being 1 to 12. Billing
Fixed being unable to add payments. Error member id 0 violates foreign key constraint. Billing
Booking type should not be needed if a booking class id is given. Bookings
Booking error missing ‘bp’ on Postgresql 8.3. Bookings
Fixed check-ins to bookings error about being set in the future. Bookings
In email templates, validating the member template from field rather than the inquiry from field. Email
Keypad phone number swipe error when no memberships found. Memberships
Don’t show historic memberships in the drop-down to confirm which membership to check-in to. Memberships
First payment date is now allowed to be set to the first day of the membership. Memberships
POS sales not recording company information. Point of Sale
Tasks created for prospects are assigned to the sales representative who created them. Prospects
Set number of visits for prospects to 1 when they walk into the gym. Prospects
Search via cellphone number in the inquiry screen. Prospects
Fixed the current members report also listing some expired members. Reports
Added feature where new members report can be done based on member join date or membership start date. You can configure this from the general config. section. Reports
SMS status being set to NULL on failure. SMS
SMS templates not showing up when sending from task. SMS
Printing of class enrollment list disabled when receipt printer set up. System
Temporary workaround for slow loading inquiry page caused by large number of members in drop down. System
Use the station id to find company id rather than logged in user info. System
Templates for email now showup when sending from tasks screen. Task Types
Changing event in task types is very slow. Task Types
Fixed selected task trigger randomly switching around. Task Types