GymMaster Changes v5.310

Description of Change Module Affected
When running DD runs, if the member has a previous debt on a different billing period, it will no longer try and retake the debt on the different billing period. Billing
Also if billing is set for all charges, then the rules of days will remain to bill consistent with the member’s billing period. Billing
Billing history now gives totals of what has been cleared into gym’s bank account: what has been dishonoured, and what has been rejected. Billing
Additional blocks on changes to payments after they have been sent to the bank. Billing
Ezidebit tweaks for lost/canceled credit cards. Billing
In the event of a network outage during an Ezidebit transmission, more attempts will be made to see if billing batch was successfully sent. Billing
Instead of having an error on $0 line items, there will now be a warning. Billing
Missed Automatic Payment task generation now occurs 5 days after payment has been missed. Billing
Show status of EziDebit billing on an individual member basis in the billing history. Bug fix in some exceptions on billing not showing on the exception report. Don’t use members well in credit on exception report. Billing
Speed improvements in processing billing. Billing
Package Bookings will now show up on the Member Page. Booking
Added accuracy to make sure the correct membership is checked in when a member with multiple memberships has a booking that day. Booking
Added a fix so that members are not shown in credit when they have a $0 balance. Check-in
Fixed individual sms messages to members which includes the member’s name not to throw an error. Communication
KPI progress bars on dashboard can be disabled. Dashboard
Error with opening all files when searching for psql location. General
Hide close button on progress bar. General
Fixed bug on function get_products_purchased Point of Sale
Fixed typo that caused Point of Sale till transactions to always show today’s. Point of Sale
Fixed tax information not being displayed unless two tax rates were given. Point of Sale
Till takes showing entries without ‘Paid for’ information when a single payment covers multiple products. Point of Sale
Fix ability to make bookings for prospect clients. Prospects
Fixed XML formatting error causing whitespace in Papyrus reports. Reports
Added the Upsales column to the Memberships Sales Report. Reports
Allow basic customers to change billing day settings. Closing bug report. Setup
Fixed calculation of suspension costs and prorata refunds. Suspensions
When members have multiple suspends at different $ costs for each suspend for each member, previous suspend costs won’t be overwritten and suspend costs will stay unique. Suspensions
Fixed suspension calculation errors caused by assuming 30 day months. Suspensions
Fixed suspensions not being recognised if they were completely within a charge. Suspensions
Non prorata suspends wont charge if suspended over the whole charge period. Suspensions
New Task button is now always visible. Task Types
Fix for tasks action time for automated emails, so not sent too early as has occasionally happened on joining membership task. Task Types
Fixed the expiring members automatic email to go out on the correct day. Task Types
Fixed the issue where tasks were expiring early. Task Types