Using Facebook with Gym Software: Installing the Facebook Pixel in your GymMaster Member Portal

Using Facebook with Gym Software: Installing the Facebook Pixel in your GymMaster Member Portal

gymmaster gym software and facebook Leads captured within the GymMaster member portal which have been generated from Facebook & Instagram can now be tracked and attributed to your efforts on social media with the new ability to install the Facebook pixel in GymMaster. You can determine which posts or ad campaigns are performing best for your gym and view user behaviour through the member portal from Facebook Analytics or Ads Manager, allowing you to adjust your club’s marketing efforts to be more efficient, effective and profitable.

Setting up the Facebook Pixel with GymMaster is easy and takes only a couple of minutes.

Here’s how you can implement the Facebook Pixel in GymMaster:

Step 1: Find Your Facebook Tracking Pixel

First you need to create your tracking pixel within Facebook. To do this, follow this link and then complete the following:

  • Click ‘Get Started’ in the “Facebook Pixel: Track Website Activities” box
first step to create facebook pixel for gym website
  • Enter a name for your pixel & Click ‘Create’
naming facebook pixel for gym website
  • Click to copy your Pixel ID
where to find facebook pixel for use in gym software  

Step 2: Find the ‘Facebook Pixel ID’ field in GymMaster’s Member Portal Settings

Next we must navigate to GymMaster’s settings to insert your pixel into the Member Portal.

  • Click Settings > Member Portal
where to find member portal settings in GymMaster
  • The Facebook Pixel ID field is under the ‘General’ heading
where to find facebook pixel settings GymMaster  

Step 3: Insert your Facebook Pixel into the Field & Click Save

Now the Facebook Pixel ID field is located, just paste the pixel ID you copied in step 1 into the box and click the save button at the top of the page.

setting up facebook pixel in GymMaster

Step 4: Test everything is working

tracking gym software social media marketing performance

That’s it! The Facebook pixel has been installed and data should begin sending to your Facebook analytics shortly. Make sure it’s receiving the traffic by going through the process of clicking on an ad or link within a post yourself and navigating through your member portal, try signing up for a membership or booking a class and see how that tracks.

Facebook also has an extension for chrome users called ‘Pixel Helper’ which helps you validate and ensure your pixel is working correctly. Click here for more details on the Facebook Pixel Helper

Now that you have your pixel installed, you are able to track users referred to your member portal from Facebook and Instagram and more clearly understand what’s working for your business and what isn’t.

For more information on the Facebook pixel and how it can be used, Click Here for Facebook’s guide. Be sure to reach out to if you are having trouble with installing the pixel into GymMaster.