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Top 5 Fitness Club Software Essentials - The 2019 Software Tool Kit

Dru Hill
Dru Hill
Published on Thu, Mar 14, 2019
Woman being shown how to use fitness club management software to manager her fitness club

Gyms have been around over 3000 years, originating in ancient Greece. Back then they were used as a training facility for competition in the public games for young men. In today’s day and age, gyms are much more advanced, inclusive and require much more maintenance. Luckily, in 2019 there’s a host of clever software at your disposal, so the days of sitting at your desk running your facility are a thing of the past.

Here’s the essential software toolkit that all fitness clubs should be using to make the lives of staff and their members easier!

5. Todoist for Business

Getting everything done around your club can be difficult without the right tools for the job. Todoist for business is one of the best and most popular apps to get things done. Todoist giving you and your staff an easy to use cross-device platform for viewing, completing and assigning tasks to one another boosts club productivity. Plan projects & assign responsibility, share files and discuss the details, track progress and deliver on time.

4. Hootsuite

Keeping your members engaged and reaching them across all social media platforms is a key part of many fitness club’s marketing efforts. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube the list goes on. Staying logged in to each platform posting and replying to comments/questions becomes tedious and can consume hours of your week. Hootsuite amalgamates all of these platforms into one easy to use interface. You can write a post and automatically share it across all platforms, while also allowing you to reply to messages from all platforms within a single inbox.

3. Xero

Xero’s a cloud-based accounting software used to run the books for your fitness club from anywhere, any time and any device. The software (with over 1.5 million users) makes it easy for everyday users with little to no background in accounting to run their business. This software gives you the tools, information and connections to save hours and a whole lot of stress in the day to day tasks of running your club.

2. Zapier

If you’re looking for even more automation out of your club (maybe you want to automatically copy starred emails to your to-do list, or automatically backup a copy of all incoming phone calls to a spreadsheet) then Zapier is for you. Zapier’s a web-based service allowing users to integrate their apps and software with one another without any coding necessary. Use Zapier to eliminate time consuming, mundane and repetitive tasks associated with running your fitness club using multiple software platforms.

1. GymMaster

Okay, we might be a bit biased on this one. But, if you’re looking for a membership management platform with the fine granularity of control needed to offer your business the best fitting solution look no further. GymMaster offers you important tools to stay competitive within the fitness club market in 2019 such as:

  • 24/7 club access control.
  • Billing automation using our integrated billing partners.
  • Member portal website integration allowing members to sign up to your club, book classes and make trainer appointments online.
  • Staff & Member apps.
  • Customised CRM & Reporting, Point of Sale & Inventory Control.

GymMaster also offers integrations with a number of other important software many clubs may use in their daily operations. These include platforms such as Xero, Zapier and more.

For more information on GymMaster, click here to book a quick demonstration with one of our friendly sales team.