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5 Tips for Smart Social Media Promotions

Dru Hill
Dru Hill
Published on Fri, May 20, 2016
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The other day I saw a sponsored ad on Facebook from one of our GymMaster clients nearby advertising that they’ve recently gone 24/7. It’s great seeing our clients expanding their business by utilizing GymMaster to it’s full potential, and it’s awesome being personally reached by their social media advertising campaigns!

They’re ready to see you!

Technology is growing exponentially as means of human connection. The internet is the most effective way to get your business in front of people’s eyes, and thanks to social media, that’s now easier than ever. With more people using mobile devices than desktop, you have the amazing opportunity to target your marketing right into someone’s hands. They’re already holding your advertising medium in their palms, you just need to catch their eye.

Get noticed

Social media sites have an amazingly vast network of information to tap into. It’s there for you to take advantage of! Utilizing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram’s information through advertising which uses specific demographics, keywords, online interactions and history tracking, it is so easy for you to reach the people you want to through social media advertising. With your target audiences in mind, share content relevant to those you wish to draw into your facility. Think in terms of location, age range, gender. For example, if your pricing strategy is to provide affordable fitness to a specific neighborhood, think about advertising a competition to win a free pass, a free workshop, or your great prices.

Get involved!

Social Media promotions encourage follower interaction through sharing, as well as strengthening the personal relationship between you and your members. Get involved in the conversation, personally respond to questions, and make some noise. Sharing a variety of messages rather than 100% self promotion will create an emotional connection between you and your followers. Inspire your audience, make them laugh, make them think. For some ideas, follow some cool pages in a similar industry. Share some healthy recipes, funny videos or inspiring memes with your followers to build some rapport, highlight your staff or members' personal success stories to be relatable, and offer informative posts to help your followers grow.

How effective are social media promotions?

Fact: Free passes are more effective than discounted rates. It’s a lot easier to convince someone to pay a normal membership after a week of trialing your facility than to convince someone who had a 75% discount to buy a full price membership.

Spread your focus

Remember, Facebook can be a MAJOR time sink for you and your staff. It’s a fantastic tool for getting your name out there, but it can be wise to utilize the help of a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to plan your posts and alert you when you need to take action. Instagram advertising is gaining traction, too. Explore your options, play around, and get your name out there.