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How to sell more gym products or merchandise at your club

Fri, Dec 20, 2019   |   Tags : Uncategorized
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Selling gym products, such as supplements and club merchandise can result in a sizeable amount of secondary income for your business. Failing to sell these products can result in them sitting on your shelves after a long period of time can result in them becoming old, out-of-date and a waste of valuable club real estate which could be used elsewhere.

Problems such as those mentioned above highlight the importance of following these best practices for selling products at your gym.

Sell on your website

Allowing members to purchase products through your website makes them much easier for your members to buy, and for you to sell. All of your advertisements can simply have a link to a specific page on your website which can take the viewer directly to a page where they can purchase the product - making the process easy, and ultimately increasing sales. If you utilize an effective club management software at your gym, you should be able to easily sell these products and manage inventory through linking a gym member portal to your site.

Hang posters around your facility.

Make use of blank wall space around your club by hanging posters to increase member awareness of products that are for sale. and where they can get them. Displaying effective, attention-grabbing posters in your facility informing members of the products and where they can purchase them can help boost this secondary revenue stream.

If you sell on your website you might like to include a QR code on your poster, which when scanned will direct the user to the page on your website where they can purchase.

Staff Recommendations

Word of mouth is arguably the strongest, most trusted form of advertising for any business. People are more likely to attend to and follow guidance received from a person they know, or expert on the topic than they are a business. Encouraging staff members to share their experiences with products on offer to your club’s members can increase the likelihood of purchases.

Run promotions

Discounts are effective for shifting old stock, increasing awareness of products on offer and “breaking the ice” with a member to encourage future purchases with your brand. Create a discount offer for your product within your club management’s point of sale system, then advertise this special through social media or in a bulk email sent to your gym members.

Create guides to choosing the right products and using them.

Your business can also increase product sales by making it clearer for members what each item does, how it should be used and who they are good for. For example, if you are selling a number of supplement variations - such as whey, casein or BCAAs you might create different use-cases for each one and highlight the best times to take them. This will help members identify which product is right for their needs and use them correctly for the best results.