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How To: Generate Personal Trainer Schedules

Dru Hill
Dru Hill
Published on Mon, Jun 27, 2016

In our latest GymMaster release, we refined the process in which personal trainer schedules are generated. PT schedules are now generated automatically when a new user, listed as a personal trainer, is created. The PT is now a user with a linked schedule, meaning that as the PT makes bookings on their schedule, the booking is then associated with them as a user. This way when PT reports are generated, bookings are reported per personal trainer as a user rather than as a manually generated schedule - avoiding accidental deletion or creation of PT schedules.

1) Create the personal trainer as a user

GymMaster Create User Screenshot

2) Once the invitation has been sent, edit the user details by clicking on the user’s name, and ensure that they are listed as a Personal Trainer.

GymMaster Send Invitation Screenshot
GymMaster Edit User Details Screenshot

Note: If you would prefer to limit their access to your software, you may change the access rights of the Personal Trainer by granting them access to only the calendar & task system. Choose “Set Staff Access Rights” and choose the most suitable level of access.

GymMaster Edit Access Rights Screenshot

3) Once this checkbox is checked and the user info is saved, a PT schedule is automatically generated for this trainer.

Where there are initials in brackets next to a schedule’s name, this indicates an automatically generated schedule that is linked to that user (PT).

GymMaster PT Schedule Screenshot

Reports on PT performance can now be run through the standard reporting screen under the Personal Trainer tab.

GymMaster Reports Screenshot