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Leveraging Your 24/7 System

Dru Hill
Dru Hill
Published on Mon, May 18, 2015

While Access Control systems do provide a simple and affordable way of offering members 24/7 gym access they also make other options and services easier to implement as well.  

Other Membership Types

Off Peak Memberships: Every gym has quiet times when few if any members use the facility. While this can be a great time to get things done it also means your facility is being underutilized. Off Peak memberships let you incentivise prospective or existing members to attend at these times at a lower membership fee. This allows you to generate an additional revenue stream or simply make peak hours a better and less congested experience for your non Off Peak members. Typically difficult to monitor manually, automated Access Control systems required for 24/7 make it easy to restrict access during certain time periods. This allows you to offer the membership with minimal admin oversight.  


Concessions: Can provide a lot of value to irregular but frequent members such as those who travel often. It can also be a useful way of marketing classes or training sessions. However, as with Off Peak Memberships physically tracking these visits can be difficult and time consuming. Access systems should allow you to ensure the member swipes in either at the entrance or potentially at a specific location within the building if desired.  

Internal Access

Ensure check-in at desk via a Turnstile/spring barrier: A Turnstile or entry barrier at reception can be a good way of leaving the facility open during staffed hours for potential new clients while still ensuring that member visitation is logged. This is especially important for Visit based concession memberships as well as maintaining accurate member data for follow-ups and retention. Rooms: More comprehensive access control solutions can allow you to set-up multiple points of entry both internally and externally. This can allow you to offer more tailored memberships as well as more services without the hassle of administration and staffing. While not all of the above will be applicable to all facilities hopefully some will prove useful or at least provide some food for thought.