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New Feature Alert: GymMaster Labels

Dru Hill
Dru Hill
Published on Wed, Jan 15, 2020
Gymmaster Labels

Our clients asked, and we listened. Introducing the newest addition to GymMaster’s feature list, Labels. Labels are custom user-defined tags that can be applied to a gym member’s profile that can be used as an identifier when filtering reports or the find-member page. For example, you might like to create tags of different interests so if a prospect visits your club to enquire about a membership is a powerlifter, you might like to apply a “Powerlifter” label to their profile in GymMaster. As you may already know, GymMaster reports can be filtered by almost any attribute which can be found on the member profile page - and custom text fields. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that Labels are no exception. You can filter ALL of your GymMaster reports by labels, so you can find information specific Continuing on with the “Powerlifter” label example, you could filter the Current Members report to see how many current members have been tagged with this label, OR you might like to filter the Not Visiting report so see which “Powerlifter” members are struggling to get motivated to work out and reach out to them directly with advice or discounted personal training sessions on how to lift heavy safely to re-engage them with your club. The amazing benefit of being able to filter reports by labels is that it gives you the opportunity to use this functionality for your gym marketing campaigns as well through creating custom audiences and sending targeted emails or SMS. As labels are able to be applied to multiple members, you can use them to create groups of members with similar characteristics, such as demographics (like age groups), interests (like workout preferences - powerlifting for example) or behavioral patterns (like regularly attending Pilates class), or a combination (e.g. Powerlifter members who attend Pilates class could be labeled “Pilates Powerlifters”). Being able to create your own custom labels in the system means that the sky’s the limit when it comes to segmenting your members into separate email lists. This highlights another difference between labels and custom fields, while they are quite alike and you can enter similar information into each - the difference is that you can have MULTIPLE labels on a member’s profile. They could be tagged with two separate labels at the same time, for example, a powerlifter who has broken equipment in the past and regularly attends Pilates might have the following tags on their profile “Powerlifter”, “Equipment Breaker” and “Pilates Attendee”. Previously, using custom text fields this would require three separate fields on the profile and would take up a lot of space. The labels functionality tidies this up and makes it much simpler to group members. In a future post, we will highlight the different use cases of these two features in more detail. Segmenting means you are able to send more targeted and relevant gym emails or promotional material. For example, you could send SMS promoting your discounted powerlifting classes to prospects labeled as “Seniors” or you might send an email of the “Top 5 tips to maintain flexibility as you put on muscle” to your “Pilates Powerlifters” group. As you can see, this new functionality gives you a new ability which is really only limited by your imagination. But Labels are not only useful for club reporting and marketing, they can be helpful when trying to find the member later on, as you may have trouble remembering their name but may recall them being a muscle-bound powerlifter. A quick search filtered by the Label “Powerlifter” on the find members page will show you all members at your club who you have given this tag, which can be super handy to narrow it down and find the right person.

Here’s a list of Label ideas for you to try out.

  • VIP: Members who get special privileges at your club - Family / Friends of staff, sponsored athletes etc.{Class Name}
  • Attendee: Members who attend a specific class offered by your club.
  • 1000 Club: Members who have visited your club more than 1000 times.
  • Newbie: Members who are new to working out and require extra assistance or direction when using the equipment.
  • Injury: Label to add to members who have injured themselves before at your club.
  • Equipment breaker: Label members with this who have previously broken equipment at your club, this is a good way to keep track of troublesome members who might be using machines wrong and breaking them.
  • Black belt: Could be used for martial arts studios to group members of different skill levels.