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How can I manage my gym?

Dru Hill
Dru Hill
Published on Mon, Sep 26, 2022
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Managing a gym can be tricky. The constant need to keep attendance high, keep customers happy, and keep attrition low requires multiple tedious tasks to achieve. More often than not, gym owners are required to put on multiple hats, making the job incredibly challenging.

With many things to worry about, things can get pretty overwhelming. If you find yourself asking “how can I manage my gym?” Here are some things you should keep top of mind to ensure you’re heading in the same direction.

Key pillars of gym management success

Membership sales

Strategically come up with offers people would find difficult to refuse. Make your membership plans enticing without sacrificing your revenue. Follow up on leads to increase the chance of turning a potential client into a full-blown member.

You should also take the time to build a routine for sales staff to follow. There should be a process everyone in your team should follow in cases of leads to increase the chance of turning prospects into full-blown members.

Engage staff in creating a welcoming community

The recipe for success is creating a vision and letting that be known to every single member of your team. You have to make sure that everyone understands what your goals are and how you plan to get there.

If it’s your mission to create a welcoming community, you must break down the methods you want to do to achieve that. Meticulously align tasks to your staff’s strengths and interests for greater buy-in. By being clear with what you want, your team is not left to assume and guess, boosting the chance for success.

Members and memberships

When customers are happy, it will come back to benefit your business a hundredfold. For this reason, it’s important to allocate enough time and effort to improve the customer experience your gym can offer.

If your current customers are happy, there will inevitably be greater retention. And with greater retention comes the lesser need to sell more memberships. Also, satisfied customers will always be more than glad to recommend your gym to friends and family, reducing the need for hard marketing.


One of the most difficult tasks in managing a club is ensuring everyone pays on time. For any business, getting paid on time is key. However, this is easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

It can be a tedious process to bill members, collect fees, and document every transaction. You can very much assign a designated staff to do this, but you also have the option to use a gym management system that can make the whole process easier and more efficient for you.

Product sales

To boost your gym’s revenue, you should consider selling products your customers will most likely need. From gym merchandise to workout food and beverages, the options are pretty substantial.

To make sales more profitable, you can have your customers fill up a quick survey to identify what they think they will potentially need in your in-club shop. This will ensure that your stocks keep moving and you continue to gain profit from the products.

Check-ins and membership usage

If you have different membership plans with varying facilities access (as you should to help your gym attract more members), it can be challenging to manually manage the entry of each member.

Instead of going through this painful task of checking each member and ensuring they only use the facilities based on the plans they have availed, it’s best to get a gym system tied to a customizable door access control. This way, you can ensure smoother and more efficient check-ins without all the hassle.

Class and personal trainer bookings

Get the best value out of your investment in your staff by keeping bookings coming in. And the best way to do this is to make the whole booking process as easy as possible for your members.

Put up a website or a member’s app where your clients can conveniently book classes and personal training sessions anytime, anywhere. You can also send out engaging SMS or email messages that link to the booking page to further increase the chances for engagement.

Gym business performance

Business owners should keep their fingers on the pulse of their business’ health with useful reports. Sales, attendance, and marketing performance tracking—all of these should be carefully monitored to give you a sense of direction.

For instance, if you’ve noticed a drop in attendance rate, it’s only essential that you come up with strategies to improve check-ins. Knowing where your business is at is a great opportunity to direct where it’s headed.


Managing a gym means you have a lot of balls to juggle all at once. To say that all the tasks a gym owner has to do are overwhelming is an understatement. But thankfully, you can employ a gym software that makes all these a lot easier.

We recommend that you get a gym management system to take care of all of these for you.