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Gym Master version 5.0 launching this week

Dru Hill
Dru Hill
Published on Thu, May 17, 2012

Our development and testing teams have been busy busy busy.  And I’m excited to announce some further enhancements to our major v5.0 release.

  • Our fabulous new icon is now live and should be visible from your desktop.  Losing some of our key install software on our servers in the Feb 11 quake delayed this process but we finally succeeded with some outside of the box thinking from our technical team.
  • We’ve put more checks in place to ensure payments must be assigned to charges made in the PoS module.
  • We’ve improved the overall functionality of the PoS system and will continue with this in the next release
  • Improved the campaigning, texting and emailing that can be done for prospect members.  Therefore assist you in your improved management of sales enquiries whether from your website or a walk-in.
  • Improved the UI of the help screens
  • Made making merchandise sales to members much easier by automatically assigning sales when the PoS screen is opened from the member page.
  • minor bug fixes.

Keep sending in your good ideas so that we can incorporate the best features into the next minor release.

If you are a multi-site or franchise customer, we will be in contact to do the roll out, for all single site users you will be able to update from the upgrade screen within GymMaster at a time convenient to you.