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Dru Hill
Dru Hill
Published on Thu, Aug 29, 2013

Meet the GateKeeper.

The GateKeeper – Gym Master’s Access Control System – provides a convenient and secure way for members to access your facilities. Our network-based reader is designed as a low cost reliable way to provide access control for your members.

The GateKeeper is easier to set up

The network reader provides a simpler and more intuitive set-up, allowing you to hook directly into a router or network switch, rather than through a serial port directly in a PC. This set-up also allows for a single GateKeeper to control multiple doors if they are connected to the same switch or router, providing considerable cost savings to facilities with multiple access control points.

You save on set up costs

As it uses the network, and can also work across separate networks, you can avoid the need to install wiring from the door to the server – another great cost saving.

It’s intelligent

The GateKeeper also functions as a miniature PC allowing it to remember whether a member previously had access or not. In cases where the network goes down or the database becomes inaccessible, these smart units can function independently, allowing members to continue accessing the facility normally.   Suitable for controlling turnstile’s to ensure member check-in, to electronic door locks for 24/7 facilities, Gym Master can meet the Access Control needs of any facility. You can find out more information on our 24/7 Gym access page.