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COVID-19 & GymMaster: Frequently Asked Questions

Dru Hill
Dru Hill
Published on Tue, Mar 17, 2020

By now, all clients should have received an email regarding how GymMaster will be handling the current coronavirus pandemic and can assist their business. Our support staff has started receiving queries and concerns regarding the topic, we have put together this guide to our most frequently asked questions to assist you and your business during this time - as always, if you find you have queries unanswered by this list, be sure to get in touch with support for clarification.

How do I email all of my members to let them know what’s happening with my facility?

It’s important to communicate with your member base and let them know of any large scale changes at your facility. Let them know of any canceled events, change of hours, facility closures and what’s going to happen with their payments. You can email all of your members from the reporting section of GymMaster.

Select Report & Till from the left-hand menu, then click Standard Reports. Choose the category Member, and run the Current Members report. At the top of the report click the button [Send Email], and select everyone. You can exclude certain members as necessary. 

Emails can be sent in this manner from any of your reports, so if you need to target your emails to specific audiences you can run different reports to reach different segments of your member list.

To email all of your members, use the Current Members report.

Click here for a video tutorial explaining how to send a bulk email to your members. 

How do I Suspend Memberships?

Suspending a single member:

Firstly add a suspension to the member. Go to the member’s profile, then under the Memberships tab click the [Hold Membership] button. Lastly, to be sure the member can not bill head to the Billing tab and set the billing to “not automatic / never bill”.

For more information on holds, see the Gifted Times and Holds section of the GymMaster user manual.

Suspending all members:

Putting all of your members on hold at once is something that can only be done by the team at GymMaster. To request a database-wide hold added to your members, head to your Settings > Company Details, then click the [Request Mass Hold] button. Fill out the required information and we will be in touch once the request has been complete.

We will do everything we can to assist your facility during this pandemic. Please be conscious that due to high demand bulk suspensions might take longer than usual to process.

If you want to globally disable your facility’s billing, you can go to Settings -> Club Details > Billing Details, and check the box Manual Billing Only. This can be changed back at any time.

My mass membership suspension has already been completed, how do I extend the return date?

Support will be getting in touch with clients who have submitted a mass hold request before their expected return date to verify whether they require this to be extended further. If you would like this extension applied ahead of time, please reply to the confirmation email received from us when your mass hold was added.

Will members on suspensions be able to access the facility?

When deciding the parameters for the membership suspension, choosing not to “End Hold on Member Return” will mean that members are denied entry at your doors. In some cases, it might be wise to consider locking your doors as well.

How do I lock my doors?

There are two options when locking your facility:

  1. Lock for Everyone - Status: Locked
  2. Require Swipe to unlock - Status: Active

You can update the status for each of your doors to be either locked or active by heading to Settings > Door Readers > Edit Door > Status

You can also change the status of the doors through the Visitor Page, at the bottom right of the visitor page below the filters you can Edit > Change Status using Dropdown > Apply Status.

Can staff still access the facility when the doors are locked?

When your doors are set to locked they can only be opened by changing the status from the Edit Door or Visitors screens. They will have to set the doors to unlocked, enter, then set them back to locked. You can log in to GymMaster from the web browser on your phone.

Staff will not be affected by membership suspensions, this is only the case for Locked doors.

Do I still need to pay GymMaster fees?

If you’ve had to close your facility and stop billing your members there is a mass hold feature you can use (outlined here) and we will also pause your GymMaster fees during this hold (up to 3 months). We realize this is a difficult period for many of you and want to assist. However, if you’re still operating and billing members we would appreciate it if those facilities continue to pay their GymMaster license fees promptly as we try to assist those who have been forced to close.

Can I access GymMaster from home?

Yes! GymMaster is a web application so can be accessed remotely from any device that has a web browser, just like your smartphone. Take note of the URL at the top of your web browser while using GymMaster. This will contain your unique address that can be visited anywhere.

Most facility’s URLs will look like the following:

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