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What Gym Membership System Is the Best for My Business?

Dru Hill
Dru Hill
Published on Tue, Jul 11, 2023

Incorporating a gym membership system can be a life changer in many ways. You’ll keep track of your members as well as be able to reach more people through easy and automated communication tools.

Whether you own a small studio or a large fitness facility that serves hundreds or thousands of people, an efficient gym membership system keeps your data in one place, ensures that transactions are completed each time, retains, and grows your business.

How to Know If the Gym Membership System Is the Right One for Your Club

Every gym owner aims to attract and convert more clients. A simple gym membership system can’t guarantee that itself, but it can make the process for your team much easier and more efficient – and therefore more likely for sales to occur. Choosing the wrong system could make things worse, and you can’t afford to choose one that adds inconvenience, confusion, and delays critical processes.

Here are the best features a gym membership system MUST have.

1. Online sign-ups and payments

People prefer getting reminded about their daily workout or a class they booked, not that their payment is due and that they have to contact the front desk.

A gym membership system takes away the hassle of keeping track of payments and renewing memberships each time by automating the process so members can focus on working out and you can focus on running your fitness business. With automated debt collection, you can reduce debtors, and your clients can renew and catch up on missed payments themselves from their smart devices with a few clicks or taps (avoiding the embarrassment of having to catch up on missed payments at the front desk).

Also, busy people looking for a gym will be able to purchase a membership without coming to the actual building. This way you’ll gain members and make money even when you’re sleeping.

2. Useful data collection, storage, and reporting

Nothing shows your members that you really appreciate them like a timely “happy birthday” message or a personalized offer. You can report on usage of certain services like your club cafe or your sauna and create special offers encouraging non-users to leverage these other amenities in your club.

With the help of the gym membership system, you’ll also be able to tailor plans and promotions for your members. This way, you’ll avoid sending any spamming or irrelevant emails and risk losing them.

In addition, you’ll have access to all the necessary data and important business insights. You’ll learn more about the overall gym performance and be able to find opportunities for growth.

For example, you’ll know which class is booked the most or which hour is the busiest. That will help you take the proper measures so you can provide the best experience for both your clients and staff – such as offering off-peak memberships or adding additional classes to the mix.

3. User-friendly self-bookings

A gym membership system is great for automating and saving up on administrative timesinks and paperwork.

Clients will have complete access to class options and schedules as well as the ability to pay directly through the website and mobile app. This will save them time and allow them to make quick decisions picking which slot is most suitable for them and booking in.

Automatic check-in at the door means member visitation will be tracked upon entry, no need to sign in with your admin staff every time they want to attend a class or workout with their PT.

4. Integrated with your door system

A good gym membership system should come with door access included out of the box. This means not using a third party to integrate in as many do.

The reason for this is it offers you greater control over who visits and when, and you are able to tailor your offering with special memberships that not only sell well, but also provide the besat business results.

For example, if you have door access control built into your gym membership system, you are able to offer memberships for booking based door access– e.g. This membership offers unlimited club membership, 2 sessions in the sauna and one session with a PT per week.

Another powerful feature of interconnected door access and gym membership software is the capability for you to block access to your club if your client is over your specified debt threshold. Avoiding awkward interactions for you, and stopping your club being taken advantage of by people not paying for it’s services.

5. Easy communication tools

A gym membership system keeps your staff and clients connected by providing various communication channels such as email, SMS, or push notifications. No more phone calls or visits to the front desk due to class cancellations or delays!

You can also use these communications to build your community and build stronger connections with members – e.g., newsletters keeping everyone in the loop with upcoming events or personalized training advice for clients labeled in your system as training to put on muscle mass.

This stronger connection with customers can increase satisfaction and word of mouth, helping grow your fitness business – all by offering members a better experience with your gym management system.

Bottom Line

Before choosing a gym membership system to help you manage and grow your business, make sure it seamlessly integrates all the features listed above and is user-friendly and reliable. Click here to learn more about a gym membership system that includes all of this and more.