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Automated Billing Frequencies

Dru Hill
Dru Hill
Published on Sun, Sep 1, 2019

Choosing the right billing frequency for your members made easy! As a membership management platform, GymMaster offers clubs a reliable and easy-to-use automated billing feature. This means that clubs can automatically send paperless billing charges to members for their club subscription without any administrative intervention necessary. However, not everyone gets paid Monthly, nor wishes to pay Monthly. GymMaster allows you to give your future members multiple billing options, whether it be Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, One-off payments and more. With numerous different options available, every member’s needs are met. You set the billing/payment frequency when you create the membership itself. You will find this is in the middle section, as below:

gym membership management billing frequencies
If you would like to provide a standard “24/7 access membership”, with different payment options, these will need to be created as separate memberships. For example: 24/7 access membership, Weekly 24/7 access membership, Monthly 24/7 access membership, Annually If a member opts for 24/7 access membership, Weekly. The system knows to charge that member the stated amount, each week. If a member opts for 24/7 access membership, Monthly. The system knows to charge that member the stated amount, each month. This is the same process for all memberships and can be very useful if your facility has multiple billing days, dates and options available. If you choose to “prorate” everyone’s first payment and have all members billed on the same day, great. If not, also great. With having multiple options at your fingertips you can have full control over how and when people are billed! To learn more about using GymMaster as a membership management system or it’s automated billing functionality, please feel free to book a free personalized tour with one of our friendly staff.

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