GymMaster Changes v5.315

Major Enhancements

Description of Change Modules Affected
Added a future charges button to the membership hold page, so you can see the affect your suspensions have on future payments the member makes. Billing
Bookings set to no-show automatically generates a no-show task and autocompletes the booking tasks. Booking
Bookings set to toured automatically generates a toured task and autocompletes the booking tasks. Booking
Auto-refresh of member communications section after being repopulated. Communication
Communications to a prospect are now being carried over when they are converted to a member. Communication
Logged calls to prospects are now added in the communications section. Communication
The templates field list when composing an email is now sorted better. Communication
Prorata fees between the start date of a membership and the first payment made by a member are editable if prorata is enabled. This allows you to override what you charge between the starting and first payment of the membership for the member’s first DD payment. See upfront fee in GymMaster billing preferences. Membership
Removed the duplicate constraint on customtext1 for members. Membership Screen
Searching using custombox1 will now work with spaces. Membership Screen
Added a template field for online renewals that will email expiring members before they expire. Online Module
Added a setting to allow you to limit the number of visits per calendar month on a programme. Programmes
Added a prompt to enter the reason for flagging a prospect as ‘not interested’. Prospects
Added a report for actions made. Task creation/completion and communications count as actions. Reports
Added a till take report to list only payments made with empty origins. Reports
Added the ability to filter out recent charges from the configurable debtors report. Reports
Ability to set default suspension costs. Suspensions
Created a spreadsheet template for transferring data into GymMaster for new users. System
Support for currencies which use commas as the cent seperator (affects European currencies.) System
Added a date column in the task list. Tasks
Added a task trigger for expiring memberships which have been set as web-renewable. Tasks

Minor Enhancements

Description of Change Modules Affected
Added the ability to force billing/first payment dates to a certain period. Billing
Fixed a bug causing SMS messages that were sent automatically not to be added to the member’s communication list. Communication
Fixed an issue with sending SMS from the booking form. Communication
Fixed the bug causing payments to not be detected in the invoices. Invoices
Using payment_against rather than payment to determine invoice paid amounts. Invoices
Cancelling after selecting ‘Add Photo’ no longer saves a blank photo. Membership Screen
Fixed the issue where occassionally the wrong name would appear on the complete membership page. Membership Screen
Setting the expiry date for a concession based membership which has had its visit count increased to the limit was failing, and setting the expiring date to the current date, ignoring the one manually set. Fixed. Memberships
Fixed an issue preventing the member from being selected when swiping their member card in Point of Sale. Point of Sale
Set a propsect booking task to be flagged just prior to when the booking is due. Prospects
Improved adding of a task when a prospect is first generated. Prospects/Tasks
Fixed the typo in the receipts and increased text area for payment amount so as to avoid overlapping with large payment values. Receipts
Created automatic testing for replicate to make sure replication is working correctly. Replication
Expiring members report missing some renewals, extended the check back to two weeks. Reports
Fixed a crash on the KPI report which happened when assigning null to a record. Reports
Fixed an error in the KPI reports caused by non-‘$’ symbols used in currency amounts. Reports
Fixed the missing filters for the configurable report “Product Sales For A Given Period”. Reports
Now supporting boolean filter types in the configurable reports. Reports
Tooltips for X and Y reports fixed. Reports
Membership holds are sorted by most recent first instead of first suspension. Suspensions
Suspensions are no longer allowed to concurrently set a one-off and ongoing fee./td> Suspensions
Add Free Time window now closes straight away. System
Amended the overlapping text in the membership screen. System
Fixed the issue where the member image was skipped when exporting data out of the database. System
Fixed the issue with opening of files on a Mac. System
Fixed the issues where enabling logins in Mac caused GymMaster to crash. System
Make all DATESTYLE changes be LOCAL. Fix for American data styles. System
NULL value staff usernames caused a crash on restore. Now fixed. System
Removed the News window from starting up GymMaster. System
Tasks created for prospects are now assigned to the staff member the prospect is assigned to, if possible. Tasks