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Manual tasks related to members can be managed through the different tabs within each member’s page

Frequently Asked Questions

Member Holds

Can all memberships for all members be put on hold simultaneously?

  • Yes, see Mass Holds

  • Member’s membership is on hold, but now they cannot access gym or make bookings?

    • The hold puts a pause on selected membership(s), preventing the use of the membership and its benefits, including access.
    • If you wish you grant free access, instead of a hold, use Gifted Time instead.
  • Why was member billed during hold?

    • During a hold new charge generation will be prevented, but existing due amount (prorata due amount) can still be billed.
    • For example, if a prorata amount of membership fee accrued prior to hold starting is due within hold period, this amount will be billed on the first billing day within the hold period.
    • Equally, if a prorata amount of membership fee is due for the period after hold ends, when their billing day falls prior to their scheduled hold ending, this amount will be billed on the last billing day prior to the scheduled end of the hold.
  • Member is on hold but shows in credit?

    • The hold was probably applied retrospectively, potentially after the payment had already been made.
    • Typically, no immediate action is necessary, as the credited amount will be applied to future charges.
    • For more info see Member in Credit after Hold
  • Member is currently on hold; how were they able to access the gym today?

    • If the “End Hold on Member Return” option was selected when Add Manual Hold to Member, the hold will automatically terminate when the member visits the gym.
  • Is it possible for members to place hold on selected memberships themselves?

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