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Forms and Waivers

Use Forms to ensure necessary documentation is in place to protect both the gym and its members, while also facilitating a smooth on-boarding process for new members.

Add / Edit Forms

Creating Forms is similar to creating communication Templates, with use of pre-set insert fields to allow the Form template to automatically fill the details of your members individually.

  • Go to Settings > Forms and Waivers
  • Pre-created forms are available for modification to meet your gym’s requirements before creating a new one from scratch
  • To edit an existing form, click on the blue edit icon and save the changes after editing
    • You can duplicate and then edit an existing form to save time and ensure consistency
  • To create a new form, select the form type:
    • New Agreement - Terms and Conditions, Waiver, Billing Provider Terms, Cancellation Terms
    • New Questionnaire
    • New Membership Contract
    • Follow the form template creator for your chosen form type
    • To add member-specific details, use the Insert Fields option
      • Use the search bar to find the relevant field, such as member address or member name
      • Click on the spot in the message where you want the field to appear, then press the Insert Field button
  • Save

Forms and Waivers