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Financial Configuration

Customize and manage the financial aspects of your club, ensuring smooth financial processes for gym and members.

Discount / Promo Codes

Discount / Promo codes can be a valuable tool for promoting your gym and attracting new sign-ups.
With discount codes, you can offer limited-time special offers or provide exclusive memberships to affiliated organizations. Prospective members can enter these codes in the member portal or provide them to staff to receive a discount on a new membership.

Add Booking Discount Code

*Before creating discount codes for Classes and Services, ensure they are enabled.

  • Go to Settings > Advanced Configuration > Member Portal Configuration > Bookings
  • Enable Discount Codes.*

Add Booking Discount Code;

  • Go to Financial Configuration > Discount Codes
    • Select Adjust Booking Discount Codes
      • From here you can view existing and historic codes
      • Select Add Discount Code to create a new code, or use the blue edit symbol to edit an existing code

Complete following sections;


Set basic details of discount code, who can use it, for what time period, and how many times

  • Choose name and description for your discount code
  • Choose a code to be entered by Members
    • It is recommended to use capital letters and numbers
  • Redeem Limit - combined total amount of times this code can be used
    • Leave empty for unlimited usage
  • Redeem Limit Per Member - total amount of times this code can be used by a single member
    • Leave empty for unlimited usage
  • Set Available Discount Period if you want the code to expire after a certain time frame
    • Leave blank for no expiry time frame
  • Redeemable Online allows discount to be redeemed via Member Portal
    • If the discount requires staff verification, uncheck this option
  • Only Available on First Booking – this will limit use of discount to very first booking only
  • Eligible Clubs – Select clubs where this discount can be used

In example, we have created a discount code to enable all members to receive 50% off Yoga Classes, by using the discount code YOGA50 when they make their booking.
We have no limit on how many people can use code, or how many times.
Discount code will be active during November only

Booking Discounts

  • Enable Class / Service Price Discount - select to discount booking option

  • Select Eligible Class / Service Categories and Classes / Services the discount code can be used for when booking

  • Discount Options are Percentage discount, Flat Amount discount, Set Rate